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Sri Ram with Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman

By Prakhar Patidar

Ramayan; one of the two great epics in Hinduism is the tale of good and evil that has not only forged some of the ways of Hinduism but has inspired generations with the ideals of life. The story of Rama, the righteous kind of Ayodhya who lived beyond his years to become a god with masses of believers has not only been told and retold in various ways but has been adapted to different artforms. In not so fortunate circumstances, it has been at the centre of political and communal unrest too.

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Bog butter. Image source: Wikimedia Commons
  • A 2,000 years old “bog butter” weighing 22-pounds recently discovered
  • The confounding fact is that it could also be “theoretically… still edible”
  • Such methods of preserving things in bogs were surprisingly common back in those days

An enormous lump of “bog butter” weighing 22-pounds, which is believed to be buried almost 2,000-year-ago, was recently discovered in Co Meath, Ireland. But why would one bury it with intent to preserve it for so long? There is only one possible reason – Ancient butter experts believe that it was once offering to the gods.

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New Delhi, Three years after it was lambasted by a parliamentary panel for failing to maintain the National Museum of Natural History, the environment ministry is all set to construct a new, state-of-the-art facility in the capital.

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