Friday, December 4, 2020
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Tag: Paris attacks

Paris reminds Mumbai to revisit terror-proof security protocols

The mock attack on Maharashtra by Coast Guard teams was successful in showing how security protocols in India still fail to scan incoming dangers.

10 militants from ISIS-linked gang killed in Russia

10 militants from a gang that swore allegiance to the ISIS have been killed after a firefight between Russian special forces and the former near the city of Nalchik in country’s North Caucasus.

Muslim women attacked on Toronto Subway train, racist graffiti found

Two men and a woman made racist comments about the two Muslim women on the train, including an implication that that they could be terrorists.

Paris attacks mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud killed

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected ringleader of the bloody Paris attacks, was killed in the police raid a day earlier, the prosecutor's office said.

France could face chemical, biological attacks from terror groups: French PM

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Thursday warned that France could face chemical or biological attack from terror groups.

Anonymous releases guide to finding ISIS extremists

Anonymous in its guide asks its followers to report ISIS extremist Twitter accounts and also tells them how to find and hack accounts.

Two killed as hunt for Paris attack mastermind intensifies

Paris: One person was shot dead and a woman suicide bomber blew herself up on Wednesday here as the police mounted a major operation to...

France deploys 115,000 personnel,128 overnight raids

The interior minister of France said that 128 raids on suspected Islamist militants had been carried out overnight on Monday to Tuesday

ISIS vows to attack Washington, Europe in new video

"As we struck France in the centre of its abode in Paris, then we swear that we will strike America at its centre in Washington," an ISIS man vows.

Watch: How US created ISIS

The ISIS is a creation of the US' "direct action" and flawed foreign policy that does nothing but destroys societies, making defence contractors rich.

Sikh man Veerender Jubbal in soup after fake image showing him as Paris attacker goes viral

The fake image falsely portrayed the Sikh man as one of the suicide bombers involved in the Paris attacks.

Paris attacks, Islam and the war within

As this life is a trial, the battle of good and evil goes on in our hearts until one wins over the other. We must win this war that is not about Islam.

Cynicism about ‘selective compassion’ in times of crises

Being a cynic may be easy, but one needs to comprehend the collective contribution of small steps in bringing a larger chance in perspective....

France needs to rework its foreign policy in the aftermath of Paris attacks

Paris: French foreign policy is under severe pressure following the 13/11 Paris terror attacks. Barely had the impact of Friday’s attacks sunk in, when a...

Watch: Firefight between French police, ISIS terrorists caught on camera

A troubling video showing a firefight between the French police and the terrorists who attacked Bataclan concert hall in Paris has surfaced.

Suspected ISIS terrorist blows himself up in Turkey, five injured

A suspected ISIS suicide bomber allegedly blew himself up on Sunday during a raid on the terrorist's hideout in Turkey’s Gaziantep town.

Morbidity of Facebook profile filter amid #JeSuisParis

This Facebook profile filter is a mockery of human emotions and almost a sadistic idea thrown at us to make us believe that we are doing something great.

PM Modi calls for world unity against terrorism, condemns Paris attacks

“We stand united in strongly condemning the dreadful acts of terror,” PM Modi said in the wake of deadly attacks in Paris.

Paris attacks: Resilience must defeat despair

Nowadays you would stumble upon the word ‘terrorism’ more often than your conscious mind can recall. Today's Paris attacks, where people were targeted, shot...

Paris attacks: Let’s not get into details, they are always the same

Another day, another terror attack. The details remain the same. Some people get killed, some survive. It is no more relevant to know the...

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