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The Kotagiri hills where the tribes reside

Other than the Todas, the Nilgiri hills are also home to the Kota tribe. This tribe populates the hills in nearly seven separate villages, and are much more private compared to the Toda tribe. They are not known for any particular craft, but certainly share linguistic traits with their tribal contemporaries.

The Kotas are believed to be a society that emerged from the Tamils and the Malayalis. They also share ancestry with the Kannadigas. They speak a dialect of Tamil which places more emphasis on the sound produced from the tongue touching the palate. Their words are structured similar to the Tamil form, but have an added click sound from the way it is pronounced. Their language is officially called Kov-M-ant.

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The Sentinelese are one of six indigenous peoples of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, along with the Great Andamanese, the Jarawas, the Onge, the Shompen, and the Nicobarese.

The Sentinelese sometimes referred to as the Sentinel, are an indigenous tribe who live on North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal, in the northeastern Indian Ocean. They are classified as a Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group and a Scheduled Tribe and are included in the larger category of Andamanese peoples.

The Sentinelese are the world's most remote tribe, and their quest has intrigued millions. They are self-sufficient on their tiny wooded island, North Sentinel, around the size of Manhattan. The Sentinelese have always been resistant to contact with the outside world. They are hostile against strangers and have murdered anyone who has attempted to land or landed on the island.

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Siddhi Tribe Of Karnataka believed to have descended from the Bantu tribe of Africa, the Siddhis first came to India when Africa was colonized by the Europeans

India's diversity extends beyond culture and language to even her racial roots. The Mughals, the British, the Portuguese, the Dutch, and presently the immigrants from all over the world, have created a diaspora so rich and various, that India's roots now extend far across the range of her landscape. One such is a tribe that inhabits Karnataka's northern districts – Siddhi Tribe.

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Wangala a harvest festival celebrated by the Garo tribe in Meghalaya, India.

By Renata Nathania

On the eve of Indigenous Peoples Day, people from all over the country are celebrating this year's Vishwa Adivasi Diwas, or World Tribal Day, on August 9, 2021. This Day commemorates the efforts and contribution of the Indian tribes in various capacities of the country's socio-economic scale.

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