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On the latest 'platform,' Trump has shared content dating back to March 24. Pixabay

Banned on Facebook and Twitter, former US President Donald Trump has launched a new so-called social media platform, which is actually just a WordPress blog on his own website.

His followers can sign up for post alerts on the platforms via their email and phone numbers.

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Scientists attribute rising temperatures to more extreme heat waves, droughts, floods, hurricanes, and other consequences. Pixabay

A “coming-out party for the United States on climate change.”

That’s how University of Maryland Center for Global Sustainability Director Nathan Hultman describes the virtual summit President Joe Biden is hosting with dozens of world leaders April 22-23.

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Joe Biden and Narendra Modi. Flickr

After tolerating four years of tantrums, mood swings and fits, bad language, and the worst idiotic and overtly racist behavior when defeated by any US President, the world keenly awaited the change of power in the oldest democracy in the world when Joe Biden took over as the new American President.

Similarly, the world keenly looked forward to understanding the contours of the new administration’s internal and external policies, particularly its foreign policy. In a wide-ranging address at the US State Department last week, Biden outlined his new foreign policy vision, reiterating the catchphrase, “America is back”.

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