How To Redeem Bitcoin Gift Cards?

Bitcoin gift cards have been present in the expansive gift card industry for several years now. BTC gift cards were first seen in the market in the year 2013. Since that time, as Bitcoin has become a more sought after digital asset, BTC gift cards have also followed suit, becoming more desirable as well.
Learn To Redeem Bitcoin Gift Cards.
Learn To Redeem Bitcoin Gift Cards.Elena Kireeva

By Elena Kireeva

Bitcoin gift cards have been present in the expansive gift card industry for several years now. BTC gift cards were first seen in the market in the year 2013. Since that time, as Bitcoin has become a more sought after digital asset, BTC gift cards have also followed suit, becoming more desirable as well.

With the influx of BTC gift cards on the market, there are also several questions which have arised as well. Which companies are offering the best gift card propositions? Are there perks, benefits, advantages with one select type of Bitcoin gift card versus others? Before these and other preliminary questions can be answered, how each gift card company operates and compares with others should first be carefully researched and thought out.

How To Choose The Right BTC Gift Card

When an individual is looking to select the Bitcoin gift card that works best for them, the process might be made easier by taking a few specific, and rather simple things into consideration. Is the company reputable and transparent for instance? Does the company have an active customer service and customer dispute process? Answering questions like these up front can potentially help save a lot of time and hassle on the back end.

One company that has been in the business of distributing BTC gift cards on a global scale for several years now, is BitCard®. The corporate team at BitCard® provides a clear process and transparent information with regards to the company as well as the Bitcard gift card proposition they present to partner-distributors, retailers and end-users.

The sales process implemented by BitCard® makes it so that individuals purchase gift cards from BitCard® BTC gift card resellers only, keeping the process fluid and seamless in doing so. Consumers are able to purchase digital and/or physical Bitcoin gift cards through the BitCard® business process flow, and also redeem cards easily online in a three-step process. Additionally, customers and official resellers can reportedly receive assistance easily whenever questions or concerns happen to arise.

A Simple Way To Redeem Bitcoin Gift Cards

BitCard® makes it relatively simple to redeem Bitcoin gift cards and unlock their value. It is important to note that individuals are able to use Bitcoin gift cards distributed through the BitCard® sales process in retail and other scenarios, as the payment processor is Visa, accepted throughout the world.

Moreover, individuals and businesses are alternatively able to hold and store Bitcoin in the BitCard® gift card also if desired. Gift card balances can also be replenished easily on the digital platform upon registering on the BitCard® network and redeeming the BTC gift card for the first time.

Registration And KYC Verification

The BitCard® redemption platform makes it simple for individuals to redeem Bitcoin gift cards. Whether someone purchases a BitCard® gift card for themselves or gifts a BTC gift card to others, the three steps required to redeem the BitCard® gift card is made simple for new and experienced web users to perform successfully.

First, for authentication purposes and prior to moving forward on the BitCard® redemption site, individuals first need to register and establish a new user account by completing a KYC verification process. The BitCard® KYC verification is established to protect users and also offer transparency and compliance in the redemption process.

In the increasingly digital world in which we live today, digital hacks and other exploits occur more frequently than any time prior. BitCard® has an express desire to ensure the safety and security of its network participants. KYC verification helps the company to do just that.

Validate And Redeem BitCard® BTC Gift Card

The next step upon completing KYC verification is for newly registered gift card holders to validate their gift card by doing so directly on the BitCard® redemption site. Each BitCard® gift card has a unique validation number associated with it. Individuals can simply obtain the validation number from their physical or digital BitCard® gift card and input that number into the box clearly labeled on the screen of the online BitCard® redemption portal.

This provides an additional security measure. Unique validation numbers enable each individual BitCard® that is produced to remain distinguished with individual account and transaction information for each unique BTC gift card holder.

The final step of the three-step process is perhaps the most simple. Gift card holders simply need to redeem their BitCard® gift card, thus enabling the holder to begin using the BTC amount credited on their BitCard® Bitcoin gift card. Once successfully redeemed, holders can then convert their BTC gift card to Bitcoin and use them with approved retailers immediately. The new digital wallet can be used from that point on, therefore the secure login information should not be shared with others.

Redemption Made Simple

With several options on the market for Bitcoin gift cards existing nowadays, as always individual research is encouraged. BitCard® is a BTC gift card brand that has successfully introduced an industry-leading BTC gift card proposition coupled with official retailers and merchants who comprise the collective business ecosystem making valuable products and services available to hundreds of thousands of unique BitCard® gift card holders across the world.

BitCard® is accepted in over 150 countries and has issued over 400,000 gift cards in less than two years. The seamless process deployed by the global BTC gift card brand has been active and evolving to enhance the execution of its distinct proposition since 2018.

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