Temple at Madurai launches E-Toilets: 8 steps to use it in an effective manner!

Public toilets come in a new avatar to make India cleaner

e-toilets in India. Flickr

September 24, 2016: E-toilets started in Madurai by Mayor in charge K. Thiraviam and Commissioner Sandeep Nanduri are certainly creating a buzz in the whole of India. Small things can make big differences and therefore this initiative is another step to create Swachha Bharat. So, what’s so special about these toilets? Have a look of the e-toilet of Bangalore!

If you are scratching your head that what make these toilets so special? Find out here:

  • E-toilet facility was installed at a public park near Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple on 22 September 2016Wednesday a step towards making Madurai a smart city.
  • The objective behind building these toilets is to ensure hygienic and immaculate conditions in public places.
  • One has to insert a 2 rupee coin to use it, a cheap price for use of such high-tech toilets!
  • Red, green and amber lights are the tri-colours useful for knowing what the toilet is indicating. Green denotes the toilet is in use, amber indicates the water level has dipped and red shows the toilets already in use.
  • The speciality of this toilet is that it gets cleaned by its own! Can’t believe it right? It is fitted with a 200 capacity overhead tank so after one uses it this super toilet tidies it automatically!
  • Skeptical of how it would work without electricity? No worries people administration has already thought about it! In the case of power failure, a power backup facility is available which works for 6 hours. 
  • A GPRS has been fitted in these two toilets that are connected to the city’s corporation website so if there is any dip in water level it will help in alerting the city corporation website.
  • So how will the common noddy know how to use it? There’s a solution for that too! Few people have been assigned the job of showing the onlookers how to use it.
  • The corporations are planning to set up 20 such toilets across the city! What a marvel will it be to see India grow and pay heed to important matters like hygiene and public toilets!
  • The doubt which will certainly be arising in everyone’s minds is how is the government going to manage such complex toilets with such huge population and in a nation where there is no scarcity of burglary, blindness and careless people?
  • Only time can clear our doubts of whether these e-toilets are going to be one of many exceptional things India is known for or will e-toilets become just another small cog in a large wheel!

–  by Ashwati Menon of NewsGram. Twitter: @Ashu_phoebe

  • Enakshi Roy Chowdhury

    its good to see that people are really taking “swach bharat” seriously

  • Antara

    Packed with multiple facilities, the environment friendly e-toilets must be widely used by people.