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The Advantages of Toning with CoolSculpting

Reducing fat through modern methods

Maybe you’ve heard of it already or perhaps you’re just being acquainted with it, but CoolSculpting is one of the biggest trends in the world of beauty and cosmetics. Having fat on your body is completely natural and you should not feel bad about it in any way period. Our bodies are all different in their own ways and function differently as well. Someone may never exercise a day in their lives and would hardly ever have any fat buildup, or someone may go to the gym on a daily basis but will seemingly be unable to trim away even the smallest clump of fat.

So treatments like CoolSculpting NYC clinics’ fresh new way to sculpt the body, are for these people: those who just can’t catch a break when it comes to tone their body. Well, natural methods will still remain king, such as eating healthy and exercising, not everyone has the opportunity or the time to do this, and of course, because our bodies work differently this doesn’t always work for everyone.

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But that’s why modern medical technology has blessed us with the discovery of the CoolSculpting treatment which is why we’ll now understand its advantages and what makes it such a good body contouring treatment.

No Allergies, No Extra Medication, Nothing

More traditional forms of body contouring often involve some kind of cuts, incisions and injections to be made into the body. These are used to destroy the fat cells in different matters whether by cutting them out or burning them away. And while these are just as effective and are also quite safe thanks to the highly developed medical practices and equipment of modern cosmetic clinics, they do leave behind some side effects that are not always pleasant.

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Swelling, aching, redness, and itchiness are among the few of the side effects you can experience with other forms of fat reduction treatment. And while they’re not always that big of a deal, they can be quite bothersome especially if they last for long periods of time.

During the procedure, your skin will actually go numb by itself, as it naturally does after prolonged exposure to low temperatures. Unsplash

Because CoolSculpting doesn’t require any incisions or injections to be made into the body, the side effects are minimal and in many cases even non-existent. Since the procedure involves constant exposure to cold temperatures, somewhere from 40 to 50 minutes depending on what you’re treating, you may feel aching directly after the procedure. This is absolutely normal and is no different from that aching that you feel when you enter a warm room after spending some time out in the cold. But know that after that little bit of aching you should be back to normal as if nothing happened.

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It’s Super Fast

I stated previously, most CoolSculpting treatments will last anywhere from 40 to 50 minutes, in some cases going up to an hour depending on how you’re being treated and what areas of the body. This is a very short amount of time when compared to other treatments which may take several hours as well as many visits to the clinic in order to reach their final results.

You can be in and out of the clinic within an hour and won’t have to return at any point. In some cases, again, depending on what you’re treating, you may need to come back to the clinic once or twice more after the initial visit. But many clients end up going in for a single session. This means less time spent at the clinic and more time spent on your responsibilities, work, and family.

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Pretty Much Painless

Obviously, if you go in for a treatment that involves several injections, cuts, and what not to be administered to your body, the clinic is going to provide you with some kind of numbing cream to alleviate the pain. Clinic specialists aren’t monsters, after all.

But even with numbing cream, anesthetic, and whatnot, you’re still going to feel some kind of negative sensation during the treatment. And if not during, then afterward for sure. But in the case of CoolSculpting, the only pain you’ll be feeling is that bit of aching directly after the procedure, when your skin suddenly gets into contact with warmer temperatures.

More traditional forms of body contouring often involve some kind of cuts, incisions and injections to be made into the body. Pixabay

Other than that, there may be a little aching throughout the first day, but after that, it should all go away naturally, without you having to put any extra elbow grease into the recovery process. Your body is super strong, even if your skin may be sensitive to cold temperatures.

During the procedure, your skin will actually go numb by itself, as it naturally does after prolonged exposure to low temperatures. So, you’ll only be feeling the cold for the first few minutes during the procedure. After that, your skin gets used to the cold and immediately feel nothing past that point. No painkillers required.

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It’s a Pretty Casual Procedure

And another reason why Coolsculpting NYC clinics’ newest trend is blowing up, is thanks to how the procedure itself is performed. Since there is not as much direct input from clinic specialists, as compared to other forms of fat reduction, the patients can sit back and enjoy themselves while the pumps do their job.

You can do anything from talking on the phone to reading a book while the procedure is being performed. Skinly Aesthetics, one of NYC’s biggest clinics that offer their signature CoolSculpting NYC treatment plan, reports that many of their clients enjoy themselves quite a bit throughout the procedure. Sure, it’s not the most comfortable sensation, but it’s definitely much better than being injected into or cut open.

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Many of their clients sit back and watch something on the TV or their phone, maybe even chat up with the Skinly Aesthetics friendly staff. It’s all really up to you. In some cases of treatment, you’ll be reclined back, as opposed to having to lie all the way on your back. In this case, you have many more options available, as far as how you can spend that one hour at the clinic. But obviously, as long as you don’t move around too much and disrupt the procedure. 

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