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The evergreen hummer of Bollywood: Kishore Kumar

By Sreyashi Mazumdar

Donning a black shirt and a tattered pant with a neatly parted hairstyle, crooning away to ‘Ek ladki bheegi bhagi si’ in an implicit attempt at impressing her coveted lass, dallying his way out with expressions worth exemplifying his motive , the maverick- Kishore Kumar’s presence on camera stupefied the audience across the board. The bouts of flirtation and frivolity expounded through the song was nothing less than a rib-tickling platter with a coquettish flavor sprinkled on it.

Despite parting ways with the corporeal world, the music maestro- Abhas Kumar Gangualy a.k.a Kishore Kumar is still remembered for his vivacious songs and his eccentricity. “There has never been a talent like multi-faceted Kishore Kumar- a singer, a composer, poet, writer, director, producer, hero, script- writer and there never will be a talent like him ,” ruminated the melodious Lata Mangeshkar on Twitter.
Kicking off his journey on the 4th of August 1929 , the connoisseur started off as a chorus singer at Bombay talkies. As a result of his profound veneration for  K.L. Saigal, he used to often emulate him which he gradually fended off at S D Burman’s insistence.

Further, his gleeful yodeling, which was later imbibed by singers like Sonu Nigam, Abhijeet, K.K, was a trick that owes its popularity to the 50’s celebrated rockstar Jimmie Rodgers from whom Kishore Kumar inculcated the antic.

Even though he wasn’t a trained singer, Kishore Kumar did wonders. His first song was Chhota sa ghar hoga, which in spite of not being a hit gave a kick to his career graph. Songs like Zindagi ek safar hai suhana, Raat kali, Jhumru, Mere sapno ki rani etc brought in a different genre of songs which wasn’t ventured before his initiation in the B-town. The artist was bestowed with a series of awards for his contribution to Indian cinema.
The actor cum singer fleshed out snippets of eccentricity even in his personal life. “Beware of Kishore”- this is what the billboard outside his Warden Road flat read. However, while digging into his personal life, one might run into facts quite averse of his generalized characteristic traits.  Despite being a popular name he chose to take to reclusion. Further, he never wanted to become an actor owing to his penchant for singing.
Nevertheless his vivacity succeeded in enshrouding the gory reality of his life , thus putting forth a vibrant picture etched with hues of multifaceted emotions.
 His song “Chalte chalte …mere yeh geet yaad rakhna..” treads upon his foot prints, unleashing his ethereal presence through his evergreen tunes.



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