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Mother of the bride.

By John Miller

Mothers of the bride have always held great importance in the wedding. She is always by the side of the bride, and undoubtedly, guests notice how the bride’s mother looks. Apart from the bridal dresses, mother of the bride dresses is also given huge importance in fashion stores. You will be able to find the latest trends and unfamiliar styles of dresses for mothers. Being a vital part of the wedding, mothers should be concerned about their look too. We have seen many mothers of the bride dresses in 2021 that have been inspired by the popular Hollywood celebrity styles.

These dresses are too flattering and gorgeous for mothers to wear at the wedding. If your mother is a Hollywood lover, she is going to love these styles too. If she is not into Hollywood that much, show her these styles, and she’ll definitely get inspired. If she likes some of them, shop them from renowned fashion stores. They have styles similar to celebrity dresses.

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Let us look at what mothers of popular celebrities wore at their daughter’s wedding.

Choosing the right mother of the bride gowns can be tricky. It is important for her to stand out in the dress she wears. That is why we are looking at some celebrity mothers who stole the thunder at the wedding. They will be massive style inspirations, just like Doria Ragland stole the show at the daughter’s wedding in the gorgeous sea-green midi dress with a blazer and an accentuating hat. Remember, the mother of the bride outfits do not always have to be drab or matronly. The following styles of popular celebrity mothers will prove this. Take a look at the following looks of mothers of your favorite stars. If your mother is still unable to decide whether she wants to wear a traditional outfit or a modern one, show her what the celebrity mothers wore, and it might help her.

Madhu Chopra

The mother of the bride, Madhu, was seen in a light blue dress with a gauzy scarf.

No doubt, Priyanka Chopra is in love with Ralph Lauren’s designs, as we can see in her most public appearances. In her big-bash 2018 wedding, the designer took her whole family’s duty and designed dresses for the ceremony. The mother of the bride, Madhu, was seen in a light blue dress with a gauzy scarf. Your mother can also get a similar color styling it the way Madhu did at your wedding. Wedding dresses do not have to be expensive; they should be stylish and unique from the crowd.

Doria Ragland

Doria Ragland mother of Meghan Markle.

Although the wedding revolved around the princess of the night, Meghan Markle, as she was going to marry Prince Harry, we couldn’t take our eyes off her mother, Doria Ragland. She wore a light green dress teamed up with a matching blazer with floral embroidery. Mom of the bride dresses can be a bit formal, not too over-the-top. Carry a sophisticated look, and you might turn heads easily.

Candida Leslie

At Rose Leslie and Kit Harington’s wedding, Candida Leslie was seen wearing a beautiful vibrant red dress with a pretty hat.

At Rose Leslie and Kit Harington’s wedding, Candida Leslie was seen wearing a beautiful vibrant red dress with a pretty hat. Her figure-flattering dress with a white cropped jacket gave us goosebumps. If your mother shows up at your wedding in such an outfit, she is going to have eyes. Just like the flattering bridesmaids’ dresses, get your mother an outfit that shines from a distance. Let the crowd spot your mother in a snap by getting her the perfect dress.

Karen Musgraves

At Kacey Musgraves’ wedding, her mother Karen Musgraves wore a vintage below-the-knee baby pink dress.

At Kacey Musgraves’ 2017 wedding, her mother Karen Musgraves wore a vintage below-the-knee baby pink dress. It was a garden wedding, and Karen successfully matched the venue’s vibe.

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Yep, it is also crucial to consider the venue of the wedding. It can be a great help to choose the appropriate dress for the day.

Explore the newest arrivals of mother of the bride dresses in 2021 at your favorite store and immediately shop similar styles.

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