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The Power Of The Placebo Effect

Placebos also skew clinical outcomes, motivating researchers to figure out how they exert such power over us


The mind can hold tremendous power over bodies. People walking on coal without showing any signs of discomfort. Ordinary people performing superhuman feats of strength or ordinary people overcoming immense adversity. We’ve all read stories like this. This mental effect is often discounted and dismissed as wishful thinking. But how powerful are the mind’s abilities? How much can you really do just by believing? For instance, can you get rid of a stomach ache simply by thinking about it? What if you could alleviate the effects of a disease without finding a cure? These claims can seem to be too good to be true, but the placebo effect is a whole area of scientific empirical study dedicated to this very phenomenon.

The syndrome is widely interpreted as an effect in which your subconscious deceives you into thinking that a medication that isn’t so genuine has real therapeutic effects. People seem to benefit from taking a look-alike pill that contains no active ingredients. Words alone can also cause the placebo effect. Any of this should have little impact on the patient’s health, but it does. Since the 1700s, when doctors realized the ability of fake medications to improve people’s symptoms, they coined the word placebo.

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When suitable medications were unavailable or if anyone believed they were sick, these were used. In reality, the word placebo comes from the Latin phrase “I shall please,” implying that it has been used to calm down depressed patients in the past. By the 1950s, researchers were using placebos as a standard tool to test new treatments. To test a new drug, for example, half of the patients in the trial might get the real thing, and the other half might get a placebo that looks like the real thing.

Words alone can also cause the placebo effect. Pixabay

The findings would not be skewed because the patients had no idea whether they had got the real thing or a fake, the researchers reasoned. The experimental medication was then proven successful if it demonstrated a substantial advantage over the placebo. Because of ethical considerations, using placebos in this way is less popular nowadays. If a new medication can be compared to an older version or another existing drug, it is preferable to giving someone no treatment at all, particularly if they have severe illnesses. Patients have reported relief from a variety of illnesses, including heart disease and asthma, despite the fact that it was all they received was a fake drug or sham surgery.

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Some claim that the placebo effect is simply confused with other causes, such as patients attempting to appease doctors by falsely reporting improvements, rather than being actual. Researchers claim, on the other hand, that if a person believes a fake treatment is genuine, their anticipation of recovery stimulates physiological factors that help them feel better. Placebos appear to be capable of altering blood pressure, heart rate, and endorphin levels.

So, can we rejoice in the placebo’s strange advantages? Certainly not. If anyone thinks they have been healed by a fake medication, they may lose out on medications or treatments that have been proven to work. Placebos also skew clinical outcomes, motivating researchers to figure out how they exert such power over us. Despite what we know about the human body, several strange mysteries remain, such as the placebo effect. It’s easy to get caught up in exploring the world around us and overlook one of its most interesting subjects: our own minds.



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