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Israeli-American Council Tzav 8 pro-Israeli rally in Los Angeles during Operation Protective Edge Against Hamas. Wikimedia Commons

By- Khushi Bisht

Jerusalem has been a source of contention between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs for more than a century. Both Israelis and Palestinians desire the same piece of land, and establishing a middle ground between the two countries is getting increasingly difficult. Meanwhile, the world is witnessing a terrible history repeat itself in a situation that is quite familiar. ‘Hamas’ terrorists fired rockets from Hamas-controlled Gaza into Israel, targeting a number of Israeli cities, while Israel retaliated with lethal airstrikes that demolished Gaza structures.

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What is Hamas?

Hamas is a Palestinian terrorist organization that now governs Gaza Strip, which is located on Egypt’s eastern border. It is a branch of the “Society of the Muslim Brothers” (Muslim Brotherhood) and was elected by the Palestinian people in a democratic process.

In June 2007, Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip. This building is utilized by Hamas as a weapons arsenal. Wikimedia Commons

Hamas does not recognize Israel and has long been a staunch opponent of Israel’s peace efforts. Terrorist acts such as suicide bombings in the 1990s and 2000s, creating tunnels to enter Israel to perform acts of terrorism, and operating as a motivator for innumerable more assaults by jihadists, firing dozens of missiles at Israeli cities, are just a few of its most well-known operations. The United State of America, Canada, Japan, and Israel has designated this group as a foreign terrorist organization.

Hamas is the third wealthiest terrorist organization in the world. Qatar, Turkey, and Iran fund Hamas with billions of dollars per year. Iran also provides them with a range of weaponry and other support. This influx of money has done nothing to help the Palestinian people or achieve regional stability. Instead, it has aided Hamas’ terrorist yet radical jihadist agenda while keeping Palestinians impoverished and disadvantaged. Over a million people in Gaza live in extreme poverty, half of the population is unemployed. Furthermore, the residents of Gaza are always afraid of a Hamas misfire or an Israeli missile.

Hamas collects millions in taxation, the majority of which goes to pay their workforce or “fellow terrorists”, but the benefits do not hit the general public.

What is Hamas’s goal?

Hamas’s sole purpose is to eradicate Israel and the Zionist ideology in order to replace it with an autonomous Islamic Palestinian state. Hamas’ doctrine has always included anti-Semitism and antagonism to Israel’s very existence. They utilize their religion to justify their beliefs and want Israel to be dominated by a radical interpretation of Islamic theology and Sharia Laws.

Hamas’ doctrine has always included anti-Semitism and antagonism to Israel’s very existence. Wikimedia Commons

Blaming Israel?

Having realized that it would not be able to take charge of the Palestinians by-elections, Hamas chose an alternate and much more common way: promoting protests and murdering Jewish people.

As Israel retaliated against Hamas’ vicious war and fired rockets, mortars many have attempted to pin the blame on Israel. The leftist crowd’s reflexive response has been blaming Israel since it is more powerful than the Palestinians and has a well-equipped military. There’s still the familiar lament from Israel’s detractors over the death toll. They blame Israel because more Palestinians are killed in these conflicts than Israelis. But it’s worth remembering that much of Gaza’s civilian deaths have indeed been caused by Hamas misfiring missiles at its own residents.

Hamas launched a battle against Jews to bolster its political and leadership status. Hamas, a group of anti-semitic and jihadists bears the sole responsibility.

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Both the United States and the European Union condemn the violence. They’ve demanded that Hamas cease its missile strikes. They argue that Israel has a “Right to defend itself.”

Diplomacy has been essential in Palestine’s tiny victories. Don’t be deceived by Hamas’ boasts of selfless combat. They don’t really stand for all Palestinians. The vast majority of citizens want a negotiated settlement to the issue because they are frequently subjected to missile bombardment. On the other hand, the organization’s leaders reside in opulent places far from the conflict.

Well, this is clearly a contentious matter, with deep emotions on both sides. Even after the cease-fire agreement, these extreme factions have the potential to rekindle the conflict.


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