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The Safest Place In The World To Live In

Iceland has been named the safest nation on the planet for the year 2020


Living in the modern world is the safest time to be alive in the history of humanity. We can live a better, longer, and more peaceful life than any previous generation of humans thanks to advances in medicine, science, peace, and technology. Where, on the other hand, is the absolute safest place for you to live? To put it another way, where are you statistically least likely to endure any pain or misery during your lifetime?

Based on the requirements outlined below, there are a few potential locations to consider.

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Life Expectancy

Monaco’s average life expectancy is an astounding 89.5 years for both men and women. Being of the right gender is one way to live a longer life. On average, women live longer lives than men all over the world. However, the citizens of Monaco have the world’s longest life expectancy of 93.5 years.

Lowest Homicide Rate

If being murdered by another person is one’s greatest fear, they should consider living in Andorra, Monaco, Liechtenstein, or San Marino, as none of these countries registered a single murder in the previous year. Although Japan has the world’s lowest homicide rate, it is not a city or a micro-state. Although the odds of being murdered in Japan are astronomically low compared to almost anywhere else, the odds of being a victim of a natural disaster are also astronomically high.

Monaco’s average life expectancy is an astounding 89.5 years for both men and women. Pixabay

Lowest Natural Disaster Risk

Qatar happens to be the country where one is least likely to ever be a victim of a natural disaster. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates are also among the top performers in this group.

Happiest Overall Population

In terms of overall happiness among a country’s population, Scandinavia outperforms all others. High GDP per capita, long life expectancy, freedom to make life decisions, and low corruption are all indicators of happiness. Scandinavia as a whole excels in all of these regions.

On average, women live longer lives than men all over the world. Pixabay

The country also has the most press freedom out of any country in the world. In Scandinavia, one is less likely to be targeted or persecuted for what they write. This country also has the cleanest air in the entire world, which is not very surprising. In addition, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have some of the cleanest air in the world. So, the risk of getting lung or respiratory diseases in these countries is lower than elsewhere.

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Global Peace Index

Every year, the global peace index ranks every country on the planet from least to most secure. Iceland has been named the safest nation on the planet for the year 2020.

Iceland has performed admirably in almost all of the categories mentioned. Furthermore, in the last nearly 500 years, Iceland has lost only one person in any military conflict. In the 1970s, the only killing occurred over fishing rights with the United Kingdom. Police brutality is also extremely rare in Iceland, with only one person killed by police in the entire country’s modern history. Therefore, the argument for Iceland being the best place in the world to live out one’s life is very solid.



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