Sunday June 24, 2018

This ‘Super Juice’ gives Athletes a competitive edge

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Before a workout, many of us will drink smoothies and eat protein bars to up our carbs and protein intake. These pre-workout snacks are meant to give us the energy and stamina to get more from our routines and boost our recovery time. Now, a recent study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and…

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Ideas to Spice up Workout Wear gives more options to jazz up your workout wardrobe:

Ideas to Spice up Workout Wear
Ideas to Spice up Workout Wear. Pixabay

Sweating out at a gym shouldn’t prevent you from looking chic. Ditch the T-shirts in dull colours and make way for bright ones. You can also try different sizes of tops. gives more options to jazz up your workout wardrobe:

* It is the perfect time to wear short shorts.

* Jazz up your look with a bright headband.

* Try the crop top trend if you haven’t.

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* Wear bright coloured tops.

* Don’t be afraid to match your pants to your sneakers.

* When in doubt, wear black as it looks classic and also makes you look slimmer. (Bollywood Country)

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Tips to be a Smart Adventure Sports Lover

Adventure sports are unique in their adrenaline-inducing capabilities, owing to the thrill and 'risque' factor involved. However, a sports lover must venture into such extreme activities after being educated into the art of taking a 'calculated risk, say experts. Niharika Nigam, Business Development Director at Jumpin Heights, lists some precautionary measures that need to be kept in mind