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Three Day Traditional food festival to promote Ancient Tamil Food in Sivakasi

The nutritional value of various vegetables, greens, millets and fruits were also displayed to spread awareness

Traditional Food in India( for representational purpose), Wikimedia Commons

Sivakasi, September 11, 2016: A three-day traditional food festival to promote the traditional Tamil  food involving millets for better health, began at Kammavar Marriage Hall in Sivakasi on Saturday.

K.T. Rajenthra Bhalaji, the Dairy Development Minister inaugurated the festival which was coordinated by the Integrated Child Development Scheme. Collector A. Sivagnanam also marked his presence during the inauguration ceremony.

The Minister while addressing the visitors on the occasion said, “The aim of the festival was to revive the age-old food tradition of the Tamilians, and to ensure that everyone got nutritional food and to improve the health conditions of the women and children.”

“Our forefathers consumed food made of millets and had a healthier life. However, over the period people switched over to rice and maida due to change in lifestyle and spoiled their health with fast food,” Mr Bhalaji added.

The Minister said that women could only relish the health benefits by consuming food made of millets as it improves their digestive system, prevents ulcers, and the stink in the mouth. Mr Bhalaji also listed various programmes initiated by the State Government that aims at improving living conditions for women.

 A guide to cooking traditional food items was also released by the minister on the occasion.

32 stalls on various traditional dishes are established in food festival where people can also learn the recipe and procedures of cooking those dishes. Similarly, the nutritional value of various vegetables, greens, millets and fruits were also displayed.

The nutritional value of various vegetables, greens, millets and fruits were also displayed to spread awareness.

T. Radhakrishnan the Virudhunagar MP, the MLA from Sattur Mr S.G. Subramanian and the District Revenue Officer C. Muthukumaran, also participated in the function.

It is believed that traditional food used to be healthier, had higher nutritional value and more beneficial and hence initiatives like this are necessary to aware the youth about the traditional and authentic food of a place. (IANS)

  • Manthra koliyer

    This is a treat for the Tamilians

  • Krishna Rao

    Very cool.

  • Antara

    Wonderful promotion and celebration of the Tamil delicacies!

  • Antara

    Wonderful promotion and celebration of the Tamil delicacies!

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