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Thanjavur Palace. Wikimedia

September 28, 2016: Tamil Nadu is known for its cultural attractions and most famously the three Unesco-inscribed Great Living Chola Temples. Of these three temples, Brihadeeswarar in the state’s ancient capital Thanjavur – is the one which is not to be missed. Apart from that, there is Thanjavur Royal Palace, and the collection of Chola bronzes it holds, not to mention the nearby Chittanavasai Cave, famous for its murals, and the nearby towns of Thiruvaiyaru and Kumbakonam, with their brightly painted temples.

Apart from that, there is Thanjavur Royal Palace, and the collection of Chola bronzes it holds, not to mention the nearby Chittanavasai Cave, famous for its murals, and the nearby towns of Thiruvaiyaru and Kumbakonam, with their brightly painted temples.

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An Indian architect and designer Krithika Subrahmanian explain Tamil Nadu as a state-off the tourist route. In spite of the cultural attractions and the famous temples the tourists drive away because of the lack of luxurious stay places people would stay only for a night, mentioned Telegraph.

According to the reports, to overcome this and let the tourist live the cultural feel of the place Krithika came up with the idea of setting up a hotel one with a spa, three restaurants, and the usual attributes but also one which mirrored her background and training. Krithika was not only an architect but also a Bharatnatyam dance, which is a classical dance which has its origin in the Hindu temples of the place. All these factors summed up and resulted in ‘SVATMA.’

The main building of Svatma was built a century and half years ago as the colonnaded colonial-style home of a British trader. The building has been empty for the past 75 years. When Krithika and her architect Sumantha visited this place, it was treacherous and was stocked with antiques. This place now houses the hotel’s seven heritage suites. A further 27 rooms, with a slightly more contemporary style, can be found in the adjoining new wing, said the leading news portal.

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Swimming Pool at Svatma

Places where they could not find sources in the building they made a swimming pool, the bar, for instance, is sited under a traditional porch recovered from a 220-year-old house in the neighbouring region of Chettinad.

They have also created galleries showcasing different aspects of Tamil art and culture. One area accommodates Chola bronzes, another veena and another sitar. The hotel has consequent programs of recitals both Indian classical music and dance.

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With the emergence of modern day lifestyle the culture and traditions of India are fading out. Svatma having been opened one will get the feel of the lost culture and traditions of Tamil Nadu,Vedic chanting and Tamil Naidu’s vegetarian cuisine.

Svatma is a five-hour drive from Chennai International Airport (to which British Airways flies direct) or an hour from Trichy (Tiruchirappalli) Airport, which has connections to Delhi and Mumbai. Rooms from 16,000 rupees/£170.

-Prepared by Enakshi Roy Chowdhury of Newsgram. Twitter: @enakshirc58



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