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Top 10 New Year resolutions that you can consider before moving into 2018

New Year brings a kind of hope for each one of us where we assess ourselves and come out with something meticulous and meaningful.g

The to-do list for New Year resolutions
The to-do list for New Year resolutions

NEW DELHI: After getting over from the Christmas celebrations, everyone is looking forward to the New Year and with it comes the urge to revamp our lives. We tend to bury our sins and bad habits in the passing year and brace our self for a much better tomorrow.

New Year brings a kind of hope for each one of us where we assess ourselves and come out with something meticulous and meaningful.

The choice of plan in order to achieve our aim may vary from individual to individual but the agenda remains the same that is to improve ourselves from what we were.

Some people come out to tread on their aspirations with full force and some crumbles down due to lack of their dedication and commitment. Following are the most common type of resolutions that is been picked up by many of us:

Stay fit

With the ever-increasing work stress and unhealthy living, to stay in shape has become a big deal. Hitting gym has become a trend nowadays and people are ready to pay big bucks to their trainers. But being healthy is not that hard and can be attained by including healthy diet chart, regular exercise, meditation and staying away from any kind of health-related issues.

The more you stay healthier, the better productivity you can churn out at your workplace. So, the simple mantra is to stick with your basics and follow it wholeheartedly. It is always easy to start on any exercise plan but the trick is to find something which you can adapt to.

Learning any new skill

Wasting time on smartphones and laptops has started taking a toll on our health and life more vigorously.  To catch up something sensible has become the need of the hour. Studies have proved that taking any hobby can lower your stress levels, improves concentration and boosts your brain power.

So, one can take up anything like learning a new instrument, improving communication skills, acquiring any kind of sports skill etc. Such activities will help you to negate the hard days of the coming year and will help you to perform better.

To stay in shape bring some added benefits to us
To stay in shape bring some added benefits to us

Lose weight

The issue of obesity has nearly doubled since 1980’s and is responsible for fifth leading risk for global deaths. So the side effects of being obese are not easy to handle, especially when it is a major cause of concern among youngsters. As per the report of a survey done in 2011, more than 40 million children under the age of five were overweight and found to be unhealthy.

Leaving behind our unhealthy eating habits can be counted as a New Year resolution for many of us.

Quitting smoke

Smoking is one of the habits that are very hard to quit. Thus, the beginning of New Year turns out to be the best platform to stay away from it and infuses you with a sense of determination to negate such a habit. It’s no hidden fact that smoking causes cancer and causes other health issues.

Smoking can also burn a hole in your pocket as well and make you dependent on it very easily. So, to leave smoking will be a good resolution for New Year.

Quitting alcohol

According to the WHO report, the harmful use of alcohol results in 3.3 million global deaths each year and on average, every person in the world aged 15 years or older drinks 6.2 liters of pure alcohol per year. So, if we go by figures then anyone can clearly see the destructive consequences of such a habit.

Although, drinking alcohol in a controlled manner is not at all harmful and even sometimes advisable by the doctors for medical purposes. But in many cases, drinking alcohol is directly related to the abuse of drugs also. Thus, leaving behind such a habit will only help you to evolve as a better person.

Spending more time with family

At such a nerve wrecking speed of life, taking out time for our family members have become a herculean task for many of us. Reportedly, people spend months and months away from their home and family due to their personal commitments. But this practice surely secludes you from the mental harmony and peace.

So to take out some quality time for your dear ones will surely matter for each one of us.

Travel to new places

Freezing at a place for long spells makes us less productive and take us away from new experiences and adventures of life.

Planning a vacation at any serene place will let you take a break from your daily dull routine and infuse you with much-needed zeal. It also gives you an opportunity to dig into new cultures and lifestyles.

Writing our heart out will help us to relieve and perform better
Writing our heart out will help us to relieve and perform better

Writing diary

Many of us have volcanoes of stories buried deep inside our soul and crave badly to come out in the open. But lack of confidence and opportunity pushes us away from telling it to somebody. To counter such an issue, we can rely on diary writing on a daily basis.

It would be a good idea if we out down everything that we experience every day in a diary and make it a habit to write at least a word in it. This will inspire us to be more self-reliant and optimistic.

Extending help to others

Humans being a social animal need the empathy and support of his colleagues in order to survive in this indifferent world. We can make our society a much better place to live by helping people and by reinforcing their trust in humanity.

The help can be extended in many different ways like sharing of knowledge, resources, opportunities etc. Barack Obama once said, “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”

Being more positive

Having an open and positive attitude makes you more resilient and open up a lot of new opportunities on your way. Being positive can take you to places and will fill you with added confidence that will ultimately shape you into a successful person.

Thus, we should prepare ourselves to greet the New Year with a smile and commits to staying positive, no matter what.

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