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Top Activities To Experience Whenever You Visit Coorg

Airbnb and BMW India came together to curate the ideal Coorg experience. Here's what we learned about the top activities in Coorg

An authentic Coorg experience entails everything from soaking in the sunset at the lush green spot of Mandalpatti to indulging in a traditional Kodava meal, and long walks in Madikeri’s many coffee estates.

Some of Coorg’s popular tourist attractions also include Abbey Falls, Iruppu Falls, and the Tibetan Buddhist Golden Temple. For those interested in elephants and wildlife, Dubare Elephant Camp and Nagarahole National Park are the places to go! As a hot new luxury destination hours away from Bengaluru, a road trip from the city to Coorg’s hills is something to look forward to in itself, as the chatter of city life gradually gives way to the peace and quiet of this traveler’s paradise.

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Last month, Airbnb and BMW India came together to curate the ideal Coorg experience. Here’s what we learned about the top activities in Coorg:
Bike Your Way Through Nature Trails

The countryside is best experienced either on foot or on two wheels. Take the BLive electric bike tour to explore the dense forests and learn about different brews, each of which has its own story to tell. While exploring the unforgettable views and unbelievable scenery, you can also speak to locals, and visit the charming little stores to understand the region more closely. This bike tour is a must-try for those wanting to experience the unexplored in Coorg and can be booked on Airbnb.


The countryside is best experienced either on foot or on two wheels. IANS

Soak in the Sunset at Mandalpatti

Situated about 30 km from Madikeri, Mandalpatti is also known as Mugilu-Pete or an abode of the clouds. As is apparent from the name, it promises the most breathtaking views of the surrounding hills. It’s best if you can catch the sunset, but even otherwise, a 360-degree view of the clouds blending into the mountains is a memory that’ll stay with you for a lifetime.

Explore the Coffee Estates

A visit to Coorg is incomplete without a visit to its lush coffee plantations. Did you know it takes 3-4 years minimum for a coffee plant to mature, and reach a point where its beans can be turned into hot, steaming coffee? From red cherries to your coffee pot, learn all about the journey of the elusive coffee bean as you walk through the lush estates that dot the hill station. Not only are these walks great for the soul, but you can also learn about sustainable techniques like regenerative farming and more.

A visit to Coorg is incomplete without a visit to its lush coffee plantations. Pixabay


No trip is complete without stopping to purchase some of the best produce from the region and Ainmane, is the best place for this. A local cafe and specialty store in the heart of Coorg, this store boasts of the best collection of food products from the highlands of Coorg and the Western Ghats. Pick up your favorite blend of coffee, grab some of Coorg’s famous local spices, and don’t forget the chocolate that this region is famous for.

Try a traditional Kodava dinner

The way to a tourist’s heart is through the stomach and a Kodava meal ticks all the checkboxes. Try the famous pandi curry, bamboo shoot curry, akki roti, Koli curry, and kadambattu to truly understand the unique flavors of the hilly region. Airbnb Superhost, Preeth who owns the Udaya cottage in Madikeri can curate a scrumptious local Kodava meal for you on request.

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Take a savory tour to the Old Kent Estates

Take a highly educational herb garden tour and indulge in a delectable meal featuring local and seasonal cuisines prepared with the freshest ingredients, mostly sourced from in and around the luxurious Old Kent Estate. Apart from the elegant hospitality and its old architecture, the meals are a good mix of local and English cuisines.

Dine at The Harvesters

Local spices, local ingredients, and gourmet food. All the food on the menu is grown and produced in collaboration with the local farmers. So, if you want to try authentic food from the region, head to Harvesters. And with the Kaveri river gurgling by your side, it is bound to be more than just a dining experience. (IANS/SP)



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