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Top autumn fruits, vegetables to look gorgeous | Beauty Tips

Autumn fruits
Top autumn fruits, vegetables for gorgeous skin, prevents acne & wrinkles

Fruits and vegetables like apples and pumpkin have great nutritional value. Their consumption can clear out acne or even delay wrinkle formation, says an expert.

Peggy Kotsopoulous, holistic nutritionist and culinary consultant, provides a list of foods to get us glowing from the inside out, reports

Top Autumn fruits for beautiful skin, prevents from acne & wrinkles:

  • Sweet potatoes: They contain vitamin A, which is an anti-inflammatory and helps fight off acne-causing bacteria. Vitamin A and vitamin C (which is also present in sweet potatoes), help to prevent acne and to heal it if you already have it. so, sweet potato is one of the best vegetables that prevents from acne and highly recommended to consume during autumn season.
  • Pumpkin seeds: It is packed with zinc, an essential in the creation of new skin cells and an aid in protein synthesis and collagen formation. It controls the production of oil in the skin and adds colour and brightness to the complexion, hence, pumpkin seeds can be added to your daily diet in autumn season for glowing complexion.
  •  Apples: Vitamin C, found in these fruits, helps to firm and tone up the skin. It prevents free-radical damage, protects your skin cells and delays signs of ageing. Hence, apple is one of the best autumn fruits.
  • Beets: Beets are the best autumn fruits, they are great source of anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant that reduces inflammation and slow down the ageing process, helping to prevent wrinkles.(IANS)

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Indulge in Fruity Goodness to Get Facial Glow Back

Divita Kanoria, chief wellness officer, The Vedic Collection, shares how to make the best of the fruits for healthy skin:

Indulge in Fruity Goodness to Get Facial Glow Back
Indulge in Fruity Goodness to Get Facial Glow Back. Pixabay

Jaded skin is the common story of people’s lives. Get the shine back with face packs made of orange, avocado and pomegranate.

Divita Kanoria, chief wellness officer, The Vedic Collection, shares how to make the best of the fruits for healthy skin:

* Orange and yoghurt pack: Have combination skin? Take an orange and squeeze it. Use three teaspoon of the juice and mix it with a tablespoon of yoghurt. The citrus property of orange helps in giving a refreshing glow to the skin. The fruit also has skin lightening agents. It helps in improving complexion as well as cleans the skin. The yoghurt maintains the moisture level in the skin.

Oranges are really good for skin health
Oranges are really good for skin health. Pixabay

* Avocado, milk cream and honey pack: Take two teaspoons of honey and mash an avocado in it. Add another teaspoon of milk cream. All the ingredients in the mask are extremely nourishing and nutritious for dry skin types.

* Pomegranate, turmeric, lime, Fuller’s earth, sandalwood and banana pack: Best for normal skin type, mix half teaspoon of pomegranate juice, mash a small piece of banana to give thickness to the paste and add half teaspoon of lime juice with a pinch of turmeric powder. Further, add a pinch of Fuller’s earth, and half a teaspoon of sandalwood powder. Mix everything together and apply on the face. It will help to clear the skin and give a healthy glow.  (IANS)