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Top Deferred MBA Programs

The 2 year post graduate course is a gateway to a plethora of corporate level job opportunities with a primary focus on the managerial level

 By Abhyank Srinet

MBA, Programs, Business
Abhyank Srinet.


Master of business administration is an internationally recognized degree which is acronymed MBA. It is one of the most popular professional degrees with over 2,5000 programs across the world. The curriculum consists of major subjects such as finance, business, accounting, economics, operations, strategic management, organization and the relevant subjects which are in accordance with your major. The 2 year post graduate course is a gateway to a plethora of corporate level job opportunities with a primary focus on the managerial level. It is offered in the form of both classroom and distance learning programs. CAT, NMAT, SNAP, XAT, GMAT, MAT and other entrance exams of several MBA colleges test  a student’s aptitude with the help of a written test, a group discussion round that follows and finally with the personal interview which is a selection round wherein they are chosen on the basis of the diversity and effectiveness of their profile as opposed to the previous ones where candidates are eliminated on their errors. After going through this series of rigorous tests is an applicant qualified to get admission into a reputed business school. The course strengthen a person’s business acumen, problem solving and analytical skills and grooms their overall personality to help them compete well and stand out in the job market, both nationally and globally.

What is deferred MBA:-

Deferred MBA is similar to MBA in almost all respects except one where it grants pre-admission to students 2 years prior to the actual MBA. This period is assigned for the students to gain the required work experience after which the classes begin. It is a guaranteed entry program for those who have an interest in pursuing an MBA and have pre decided to do so. It gives a relief to applicants from the vigorous application processes and the preparation of the entrance exam. The program offers college seniors the option of starting early in the MBA game. It combines the goodness of a reputed international MBA, which ordinarily seeks experienced candidates, with early career MBA.Students don’t have to wait too long before commencing on a high-flying career post-MBA. If a student stays on track, he may receive lucrative job offers by his mid-20s.

MBA, Programs, Business
Master of business administration is an internationally recognized degree which is acronymed MBA. Pixabay

Top schools for deferred MBA

This is a list of schools which offer deferred MBA:-

  • Harvard business school-  The deferred MBA program at Harvard is one of the leading STEM and humanities discipline students. The 2+2 curriculum enrolls students in college or graduate programs. They employ case studies which enhances the leadership skills of a student and their experience based learning instills in them deep general strategic management tactics. Students build a global experience, drawing from global cases and protagonists, a diverse international student body, international project-based field experiences and immersive field courses. To be considered for admission to the 2+2 class starting from 2022 (entering 2020) the student must have completed graduation by September 30 2017.
  • Stanford GSB enrollment program- The Stanford GSB enrollment program is open for students who wish to begin an MBA immediately after senior year. It aims to construct an MBA by engaging students from various educational and professional backgrounds. It is specifically engineered for students who do not have full time work experience. Candidates for this program can apply in any round, but it is advised to apply in round 3 with a fee of $100. If a student meets the criteria for deferred enrollment, they could attend the business school immediately after the university program or to work before the commencement of classes. The committed faculty members and a collaborative learning environment helps students specialize in entrepreneurship skills, communication skills, social innovation, leadership etc. Not only do they ensure a guaranteed position in reputed companies but the candidates also inculcate proficiency in numerous franternities alongside their major subject.

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  • Wharton moelis advance access program- This is the newest entry amongst the deferred management programs. The Moelis Advance access program is only open for undergraduates of University of Pennsylvania. The students enjoy access to rich Wharton network and resources during the deferment period. They are also considered for fellowship programs at various prestigious establishments with upto $10000/year stipend. 
  • Yale SOM silver scholars program- Yale Silver Scholars deferred admission program is considered to be the most unique among others. The program structure is divided uniformly over three years. The students undergo core curriculum at Yale during the first year. During the second year, the students undertake extended internships at various departments like start-ups, government education departments, general management roles in large corporations and investment firms. The third year allows students to pursue elective coursework before graduation. This unconventional program is considered to be one of the most prestigious business programs across the globe. 
  • Chicago booth scholars program- Chicago booth has been a hub for research and business education for over a century. MBA deferment programs encourage students to begin the admission process even before they leave their university and enter the business world. Throughout the period of 2 to 4 years booth students are a part of the booth community and have access to seminars, meetups, talks, alumni and corporate events and collaborations with prospective companies which could be a great boon to kickstart their professional career. The application procedure is normal and straightforward but unlike many other top colleges, the application fee at Chicago booth scholars program is waived for all the applicants.

MBA, Programs, Business
It is one of the most popular professional degrees with over 2,5000 programs across the world. Pixabay


Deferred MBA can be a life changing decision in a student’s life and it is hence important to thoroughly research and compare the programs offered by various institutions. This should be done to ensure that the final choice is a result of vigorous planning of the interests, requirements and expectations from the course. Select what is best for you and work towards achieving the same.

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