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Top Fashion Tricks and Tips for Young Women

Here are some fashion and clothing hacks for women

Nevertheless, when you are not sure what to wear and how can you prepare yourself for an event, it’s better to find trendy fashion ideas. Pixabay

Fashion is what you carry well with finesse and panache. It is not necessary that having loud eye shadows will create the “wow” impression. A subdued lip color with a standard cotton gown can be a powerful fashion statement. Women look appealing when they are well versed with the right tricks. It’s important to go with the flow when it comes to fashion. Nevertheless, when you are not sure what to wear and how can you prepare yourself for an event, it’s better to find trendy fashion ideas. Get an image that influences you or attracts you, and put it into a reverse image search engine like Prepostseo to find similar images. Their results will give you an immense output of fashion ideas from which you can choose easily and have fun!

Here are some helpful fashion tips for young and witty females:

Selection depends on body type

Even the best clothes can look horrendous if not worn according to the figure. It really doesn’t matter how expensive the brand is. If you have thick thighs, forget about opting for skin-tight jeans. Knowing your body structure is important. The following fashion does not mean you should pick anything a well-known celebrity is endorsing. Know your shape and stick to one good tailor that makes your dresses fit your body type. Fitting is what makes a person confident. Forget what others are wearing choose the clothes that look perfect on you. 

Blue denims are never out of fashion. Pixabay

The 3 color strategy

For young females, getting the perfect blend of colors is always a challenge. Does my bag go with my shirt? Do I need to pick a different color for denim jeans? These questions keep pounding inside your mind. A strong fashion tip is restricting your outfit to three colors. It makes matching much easier and less confusing. The problems come when people stick to some particular colors and choosing every other dress of almost the same color as they feel confident in it. This is wrong, you have to try new colors and combinations to enhance your sense of fashion along with boosting your confidence in wearing new colors. 

Blue denim is never out of fashion

Simple and classy is what everyone admires. Blue colored denim clothing has always been in fashion. You can pick a top of almost any color to go with it. A blue pair of jeans should always be in your wardrobe as it would never go out of vogue. Whether you choose dark blue or light blue shade it will match with the shirt. Blue denim can emphasize your looks to a great extent. Besides the look it gives, blue denim is comfortable too. Jeans are usually everyday wear and due to its durability and matching with any other shirt of any color, it has now become an integral part of both men and women fashion. 

Overstuffing the wardrobe is disastrous

Its Christmas and huge sale banners are tempting you to swipe your credit card? This is where you actually start losing your fashion sense. It becomes hard to get the right clothing if your wardrobe is filled with extra clothing. It is not mandatory to buy clothing in bulk during the Christmas season. In a nutshell, have limited clothes that suit you instead of purchasing unnecessarily to save money.

Rather than buying more stuff you should go with quality. Your class is enhanced when you choose to wear clothes that suit you no matter what the price is. Consider saving money rather than wasting money on buying stuff that makes no sense at all. The purpose is not to discourage stuff on sale, you can find plenty of good stuff there too just sway around and look for better stuff rather than focusing on quantity. 

Have the right footwear

Wearing shoes that do not contrast with the clothing actually makes girls look funny. It is obvious that pumps would not look good with torn jeans. High ankle boots would look more appropriate. Similarly, if you are wearing shorts, loaders or sneakers would make a good combination. It is not necessary that a fortune needs to be spent on buying a top of the line brand. A more important fact is wearing the right thing. Correct fashion sense has nothing to do with brand consciousness. Make yourself feel comfortable when choosing a pair, confidence increases when you feel relaxed wearing shoes. 

Makeup is an integral part of fashion sense. Pixabay

Red lipsticks are universal

Makeup is an integral part of fashion sense. Red lipstick goes with every clothing color combination. The color is impactful for females with thin lips. You can expect the best pouts for selfies with this commendable shade. Wearing red lipstick can draw people’s attention, A research suggested that red lipstick can make women look attractive and younger rather than having other camouflage look with other colors of lipsticks. The main reason to wear red lipstick is that it can go with any wardrobe, wear it and let the world see your sparkle. 

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Accessories are mandatory 

Accessories are essential when it comes to complete one wardrobe. For boys, there is no such variety of accessories to wear but women can enlighten their wardrobe. Accessories include jewelry, bags, glasses, watches and so on. Accessories can bring a boring attire to life.  As we see different celebrities or other women with a great sense of fashion always use accessories with their wardrobe, the punctuation of these small things can create a huge difference. Use both clothes and accessories in the right way to create a harmony that expresses your style.  


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Tips to Boost Your Creativity Amid Lockdown

Time to pause and enrich the business

Make use of the quarantine period to improve your fashion skills and creativity. IANS

The fashion industry worldwide is going through a rough time, and India is no exception. This is the latest fashion and lifestyle news in the world.

From the fashion capitals of Italy and France to the small and midsize businesses in Bangladesh and India, the fashion retail industry is reeling under the pressure of the global pandemic COVID-19.

After the World Bank group allocated 1 billion dollars in health aid to India, it is also mulling a social sector and economic sector package, the latter mostly aimed at uplifting the small and medium scale industries.

Boost your creativity by knitting or sewing. Pixabay

While difficult times call for tough measures, the current scenario is also a perfect time to take a backseat and invest in the foundation of the business to make it sustainable for the future. Sujata and Taniya, founders of Mumbai-based clothing brand Suta share some tips on how to survive the trying times, customise products and continue to boost creativity.

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Focus on the unfocused

Bracing ourselves to focus on the unfocused becomes a primary goal at such times. “We are channelizing our energies on repairs, maintenance and innovations now. Our operations and customer support team is focusing on improving and fine-tuning minute aspects of the website. We are spending more time on planning and executing new offerings, collection launches and marketing strategies. We want our customers to have a more enriched shopping experience every-time they come to our website,” says Sujata, who believes the present scenario gives most brands the perfect opportunity to focus on the minute details they have been procrastinating.

Exploring the creative side

During this time, a lot of employees and employers are exploring their creative side. Sujata and Taniya made a painting that they say is their dream jungle of childhood. Spending a lot of time in their kitchen garden, cooking skills, sharing DIY videos and even learning a new instrument can surely enhance creativity. This will ensure productivity once the employees are back from the sabbatical.

You can take up activity like painting to boost your creativity. Pixabay

Enriching content

Content and communication are two major aspects of any brand. This is the right time to let your customers know more about your business. Having engaging content and also letting your customers know about the current situation and how you are dealing with it is very essential.

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“Now, more than ever, content is what is connecting us. During the lockdown we have focused on a lot of engaging content like saree draping styles, DIY videos, wash and care of fabrics, making sustainable products like bio-enzyme. We aspire to motivate people to look at the better side in this silent chaos. The content we are sharing now, celebrates our silver linings, sustainability and our entrepreneurial journey,” says Biswas.

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Focus on health

While staying indoors and staying safe is essential. It is also important to eat mindfully, unhealthy snacking and no exercise can affect your work. When the cravings increase, switch from eating packaged food to a fruit. Remove time for yoga, quip the designers. (IANS)