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Our nation's travel population has always been extremely diversified in terms of its options and tastes.
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Our nation's travel population has always been extremely diversified in terms of its options and tastes. The Millennial generation and Generation Z have contributed to it by continuously seeking out and traveling to remote locations that provide interesting experiences. GoSTOPS, a leading backpackers hostel brand, has introduced excellent properties in two of the country's most sought-after areas with the needs of young travelers in mind.

The largest property in the group so far is goSTOPS Goa Vagator, while the goSTOPS Bir Landing Site's prime location puts guests considerably closer to the skies. For visitors who enjoy adventure and have a variety of indoor and outdoor travel experiences, both hostels have recently opened.

The brand-new hostel in North Goa is a popular choice among travelers thanks to the area's unspoiled natural beaches, crystal-clear skies, lush green palm trees, thrilling adventure activities, and an all-out party atmosphere.

It has 144 beds in dorms and 8 individual rooms (in terms of the number of beds) and is well situated close to Goa's popular nightlife areas, being only 1.5km from Vagator Beach, 2.3km from Anjuna Beach, and 1.7km from Ozran Beach.

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It has a sprawling common area with two indoor and one outdoor space. It also has plenty of fun entertainment options like the cafe, swimming pool, foosball, and pool table.

goSTOPS Bir provides 5 individual rooms with colorful furnishings in addition to a large dormitory with 42 beds. This new hostel is perfectly situated and is only 900 meters from the neighborhood bus depot. Hostel guests get a very fantastic view of the hilltop and the paragliders flying over it, as the paragliding location is only 1.5km away.

In India's paragliding capital, taking in the world from a bird's eye perspective is a genuinely exceptional experience. Visitors may also roast marshmallows over a fire and watch paragliders paint the sky while sleeping at the new Bir hotel.

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GoSTOPS Bir's central location makes it simple to reach the adjacent cafes and any other nearby outdoor attractions. Visitors to the hostel can interact with one another while enjoying a variety of entertaining and leisurely amenities like pool tables and indoor activities. They can also take advantage of the outside swings and barbecue.

The hostel is perfectly situated for travelers who want to explore Bir beyond paragliding because it is close to eateries and other popular tourist destinations.

Both properties include lovely outdoor dining spaces with a garden amphitheater design where visitors may connect with other travelers and exchange personal stories. Additionally, they feature workspaces with WiFi that is free. There are more exhilarating activities available for tourists who want to explore Bir and Goa in addition to the classic activities like paragliding, indoor gaming, and sunbathing on the beaches.


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