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Tri Entity phenomena of OM , the scared symbol of Hindus

May 13, 2017: The omnipresence of the syllable “OM” cannot be understated. Om has a scared importance in Hinduism, it symbolises its threefold nature.

Let us know what meaning is encrypted  behind the diminutive symbol “OM”:

  1. OM is the model of all sounds

OM encompasses all words and all sounds in human language. The syllable is a blend of three sounds, a-u-m. The first letter ‘A’ is produced without touching any part of the lips while ‘M’ is produced by the closed lips. ‘U’ rolls from the root of the tongue.

Thus through this way, OM represents the basis of all sounds.

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2. Illustration of myriads of Triads

It represents the three worlds, the three Hindu principal Lords and the three sacred Vedic scriptures.

  • The three worlds – Earth, Atmosphere and Heaven
  • The three Gods – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
  • The three Vedic scriptures – Rig, Yajur and Sama

3. AUM depicts the tri-division of time

“A” designates the waking state, “U” designates the dream state and “M” designates the state of deep sleep. At the end of ‘AUM’ comes the pause which denotes the state known as Turiya meaning infinite consciousness.

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4. The three curves of AUM

The symbol consists of three curves and further personifies the physical phenomena of a living being.

The large lower curve expresses the waking state. In this state, the consciousness is turned outwards through the senses. The larger size signifies that this is the most natural state of the human consciousness.

The upper curve expresses the state of deep sleep or the unconscious state.

The middle curve lies between deep sleep and the waking state signifying the dreaming state. In this state, the consciousness of the individual is turned inwards.

5. The three-fold function of AUM

The three-fold action the syllable OM encompasses is namely, creation, preservation and destruction.

prepared by Naina Mishra of Newsgram, Twitter: Nainamishr94



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