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By Ila Garg

New Delhi: Music can at times, act as a stress-buster and the Radio Jockeys (RJs) put some icing on the cake by their chirpy talks and make the boring political updates sound interesting. Today, RJs are in vogue as much as the celebrities. People love listening to their voice on the go. The Radio Shows are getting popular with youngsters.

NewsGram has decided to feature some of the most prominent shows that are trending these days. What makes these shows a hit is of course the RJs hosting them! Here’s a look at five of them:

RJ Naved is crazy, insane, fun, and mad. His attributes are reflected through his voice. One can tune in to his show ‘5 to 9 with Dilli ka Don Naved’ from Monday to Saturday, 5PM to 9PM on Radio Mirchi. This is a time when the office people are returning home, tired from the day’s work and Naved does a good job by giving them a break from all that is serious and mundane. His love for pranks which finds expression through ‘Mirchi Murga’ makes people laugh and de-stress.

A very well-known story teller and RJ Neelesh Misra hosts the radio show ‘Yaadon ka Idiot Box’ for BIG FM 92.7 from Monday to Friday, 9PM to 11PM. At this hour, when people want to relax, Neelesh takes them to a world of nostalgia through his show. He picks up stories from his listeners and narrates them in his soothing voice, transferring the listeners to a different world. His show is much appreciated by listeners all around. Recently, he is also hosting a show called ‘Ramrajya’ for

ABP News. His views are clear and inspiring.

RJ Swati brings in a show ‘Drama Queen’ that focuses the ‘Bajaate Raho’ element to the zenith. This show is a latest rage on Red FM. The show airs from Monday to Friday, 1PM to 3PM, a time when all homemakers are generally free to spend few hours for themselves. Her listeners appreciate her skills of revealing spicy details about the superstars. This might be one reason for the popularity of this show. Her perkiness might be another.

A hot shot favorite show ‘Evening Drive’ is hosted by RJ Nitin, more widely known as RJ Khurafati Nitin. The show airs on Fever 104 FM from Monday to Friday, 5PM to 9PM. As his more popular name suggests, Khurafati Nitin is a prankster and gives his listeners a daily dose of laughter. His chirpy jokes let them indulge in peals of laughter, re-energizing them after a busy weekday. He is one crazy guy on the radio who never lets you have a dull moment.

While RJ Neelesh Misra comes to entertain you at night, RJ Naved and RJ Nitin take care of your evenings, RJ Swati keeps you occupied

for your afternoons, RJ Raunac accompanies you right from the early hours of morning. His show ‘Morning No. 1’ is favored by masses. He makes your morning a little more pleasant and prepares you for the day. He serves you with all the information that you are seeking and brings in an element of fun while you drive off to your work.



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