UK : Victimization of Indian Doctors on the rise

By NewsGram Staff Writer
In a series of reports showcasing instances of victimization and racism against Indian doctors in the United Kingdom, organizations representing them have urged Indian government to take up the issue earnestly.
“There’s a stark contrast in the way Indian and white doctors are treated for the same offence. There is a club culture among white managers and doctors. As an organization, we are working for equal treatment.”, said Ramesh Mehta, President of BAPIO (British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin), to a national daily.
Discrimination begins in medical schools, and affects the person’s whole career. Harassment and bullying from both, colleagues and patients are daily facts of life for Indian doctors.
A petition that says that “current NHS investigation and disciplinary procedures were heavily biased’ against Indians, has been signed by a group of eminent Indian doctors in the UK.
Reportedly, the condition has reached to an extent, where there has been at least one incident of an Indian doctor trying to commit suicide due to alleged victimization.
Even in cases of promotions, awards and other benefits, Indians aren’t given even a slight preference, it has been reported.