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Unakoti in Tripura has the Largest Rock carved Hindu Sculptures

Sculpture in India, (Representational Image) Wikimedia

May 01, 2017: Unakoti has been incorporated into the tourism guide of Tripura and the North-East as a surprising visitors’ resort. Sightseers from distant locations abroad additionally meet in Unakoti with much enthusiasm. One can have an outing to Unakoti by means of Kailashahar or Dharmanagar, as reported by Press Information Bureau.  The voyage takes 20 minutes from Kailashahar and 45 minutes from Dharmanagar. Unakoti is situated at a distance of 10 kilometres from the North District headquarters, Kailashahar.

The voyage takes 20 minutes from Kailashahar and 45 minutes from Dharmanagar. Unakoti is situated at a distance of 10 kilometres from the North District headquarters, Kailashahar.

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A diversion road runs from Dharmanagar-Kailashahar linking road up to the place of pilgrimage. On the hilly grounds, many idols of gods and goddess are lying scattered. At the main peak, there are idols of Uma-Maheshwar, five-faced Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesha, Hanuman and Ravana.

One wonders who those people were and at what spell of time did they chisel out such wonderful idols from the rocks.

Some archaeologists say that these were the period of Pal dynasty, as a Shaiva Tirtha, others have traced it as a Buddhist meditation centre. Hence, Unakoti is also seen as a symbol of religious unity.

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There are many folklores about Unakoti, the place of pilgrimage. The name Unakoti is derived from the thought that there was an assembly of gods and goddesses numbering one less than a crore. At a point of time, the Lord of the gods, Mahadeva accompanied by the gods started for Benaras (Varanasi). When they reached Raghunandan Hill, they decided to spend the night at the place and then start for Varanasi the next morning. But in the hours of dawn, only Mahadeva woke up. Then the Lord of the gods left for the destination alone; while all other gods and goddesses turned in stone images as they were fast asleep.

Who created such marvellous rock carvings and the stone images of gods and Goddesses in such a deep forest hundred years ago is indeed a mystery. Why this secluded hilly place was selected for the purpose is not known.But the place is still accessible. But mystery still revolves around Unakoti. The hilly forests, the spring, chirping of birds, the carvings in stones and rocks, the leisurely -scattered idols and hearsay have given a special significance to Unakoti.

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