‘US should give India access to its weapons to keep Sino-Indian region stable’

New Delhi: A high-level American think-tank underscored the need for the US to increase India’s access to its sophisticated weapons systems to help the country thwart provocations from its neighbours China and Pakistan. Mentioning that a conflict in the Sino-Indian region was a possible threat to the US interests in the region, the think-tank noted that escalating suspicions and border tensions between the two nations would result in an ominous circumstance.

There is an improbability of a large-scale conflict in the Sino-Indian region as it would result in a lot of casualties, sloth global markets, disrupt regional economic growth, and jeopardise efforts between the two countries to build a healthy relation.

Daniel Markey, a Centre on Foreign Relation senior fellow for India, Pakistan, and South Asia said that Pakistan’s failure to contain terrorist outfit like Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) had affected India as well. India did need sophisticated arms as the country’s defence against terrorism is not foolproof, he held.

With China flexing its military prowess in the region and Islamabad bolstering ties with Beijing, US policymakers must expand military presence in the Indo-Pacific region to wield influence, feels Markey.

There should also be a revamp in the policies of the US. New strategies and more naval budget for weapon system are necessary for the US to make its presence felt in the region.

With Chinese high military officials visiting Pakistan and India, there are apprehensions that there is a growing tension among the nations.

There were also incidents when the race between India and China affected other countries in the region. When India stopped supplies to Nepal, China pounced upon the opportunity to ink deals with the Himalayan nation.

Earlier, India had elbowed China to sign a deal to construct a deep-sea port in Sri Lanka.

(Picture Courtesy: www.dbsjeyaraj.com)