Sept 08, 2016: A PIL (Public Interest Litigation) was filed by seven residents of Uttar Pradesh challenging the constitutional validity of Section 28 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, which exempts the killings under religious practices in reference to the upcoming Bakr-i-Eid. The section states “Nothing contained in this Act shall render it an offense to kill any animal in a manner required by the religion of any community.”

As a direct consequence of this, the petition asks the SC “Issue a writ, order or direction or declaration to the effect that the practice of sacrifice of animals on Bakr-i-Eid day is unconstitutional and same cannot be resorted to by any member of the public.”

Ministries of Home Affairs, Law and Justice and Environment and Forest and Animal Welfare Board of India are the parties in PIL.

The plea terms the practice of sacrificing animals in this way was” cruel, inhuman and barbarian” and cannot be protected in name of religion. “Tendency to sacrifice animals, even on roads and public places, are developing fast every year on Bakr-Eid in the most uncouth and inhuman manner and litres of blood is spread at public places affecting the sentiments of public at large,” the plea said.“

“It is most respectfully submitted that animals sacrifice on Bakr-Eid day is cruel, inhuman, barbarian, decency and morality and the same cannot be protected in the name of religion as such practice is in violation of Article 14,21 and 25 of the Constitution of India,” it said.

The plea was submitted to seek the courts direction to ensure no animal is killed during Bakr-i-Eid popularly called festival of sacrifice to be celebrated next week all over the country and in light of recent polygamy controversy this plea might gain some more focus.

– prepared by Anubhuti Gupta of NewsGram with inputs from several agencies.




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