Raja Bhaiya’s father to become main plaintiff in Gyanvapi cases

Uday Pratap Singh, father of Kunda MLA Raghuraj Pratap Singh a.k.a. Raja Bhaiya, will appear before the court of the Varanasi district judge on Friday to file a plea seeking permission to become the main plaintiff in the Gyanvapi related cases.
Gyanvapi Masjid (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
Gyanvapi Masjid (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

The cases are currently being contested by chief of Vishwa Vedic Sanatan Sangh (VVSS) Jitendra Singh Visen, with Rakhi Singh and Kiran Singh as plaintiffs.

Visen had announced that he would not pursue the case following harassment from co-litigants of the Hindu side and their lawyers.

VVSS state president Ajit Singh said Uday Pratap Singh will appear before the court after offering prayers at Kashi Vishwanath temple.

Uday Pratap Singh, 90, is the erstwhile Raja of Bhadri estate in Pratapgarh, and wields considerable clout in the region.

Gyanvapi Masjid (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
All seven Gyanvapi cases to be heard together in district court

With Uday Pratap Singh throwing his weight behind the Hindu petitioners in the Gyanvapi-Shringar Gauri case, the case is expected to get greater prominence.

In Pratapgarh, Uday Pratap Singh is known to lead an austere life, as per the Hindu scriptures. He never eats at a table, he chants religious japa (mantra) for mental peace and he often spends his time in a hut built inside his palatial bungalow.

During his younger days, he is known to have acquired many skills, including shooting, riding horses, and even flying an aircraft. He is an alumnus of the Doon School in Dehradun and has never taken part in politics. (IANS/AP)

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