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Vedic Heritage Youth Camps 2016


Chicago: Chinmay mission Chicago will be conducting a Vedic Heritage Youth Camp for children and youth between 5 years of age to 18 years old. Chinmaya Mission is a school of vedantic studies and has 2 campuses in Chicago area by names Badari and Yamunotri.

There will be Religious Studies, puja prayers and chant, arts and crafts, cultural activities, extempore Speech competition, sports and recreation, and fun Fair.

This year the camp theme is based on the TV series ‘Upanishad Ganga’ produced by Chinmaya creations which explains the concepts of our Upanishads through beautiful stories that convey the subtle knowledge of the Upanishads in a simple and practical manner.

Camp fees are $225 per child, $400 for two siblings and maximum $47f per family.Fees include all materials, meals and snacks. Supervision before and after camp hours and accommodation for local transport for out of town children(10 yrs and above).

Details of the event are as follows:-


30877, N. Fairfield, Grayslake II, 60030.  June 13-19, 2016.   8:30 am to 4: 30 pm.   KG to Grade 6 – Why do WE?.   Grade 7 to 12- Learn to Serve and Serve to Learn.


11S080 Kingery HWY(Rt. 83), Willowbrook, II, 60527.   July 18-24,2016.   8:30 am to 4:30 pm.   KG to Grade 6-Timeless Values.  Grade 7 to 12-The Creation and The Creator.

One can do online registration at Chinmaya Mission’s website also:

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Safety Measures Needed After Chicago Is Hit By A Spate Of Home Break-Ins

With a spate of home break-ins occurring in Chicago recently, homeowners are rightly worried about their safety.

A house on fire (Representational image). Pixabay

A host of home break-ins have occurred in Chicago recently, leaving residents concerned for their safety. On November, 3, two masked men broke into a home in Back of the Yards which was occupied by three adults and a young child. They then callously stole a number of personal effects and set the property on fire before fleeing the scene. Meanwhile, a series of thefts have been reported in the Portage Park neighborhood. Thankfully, these types of losses are usually covered by your home insurance policy. However, extra precautions should be taken by homeowners looking to fight back against Chicago’s home thieves.

Sadly, the two intruders who set light to the South Damen property have not yet been caught. Pixabay

Safeguarding your home with a firearm

The two men who entered the property on South Damen Avenue were armed with a handgun which was used to strike the 56-year-old male occupant of the property. It’s in cases like this where homeowners can utilize their own firearms to protect both themselves and their property. Illinois state law permits individuals to keep guns in their home so long as they hold a valid FOID card. In October, a 71-year-old Chicago homeowner used his firearm to shoot an intruder in the hand, before the police turned up and arrested the suspect. Police confirmed that the elderly shooter would not face charges as he had a concealed carry license.

Make life difficult for burglars

It is not yet known how the masked duo broke into the family home in Back of the Yards. However, one of the simplest ways to prevent thieves from breaking into your property is to make it difficult for them. Safewise states that the average burglary takes just 10 minutes to complete as intruders want to be in and out as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of being caught. It’s best to avoid glass doors and surrounds as these are easily broken into. Similarly, don’t provide access to a criminal in the form of a large pet flap on your door. Additionally, you should always ensure that your home’s doors and windows are secured – even on hot night.

American flag waves beside CCTV cameras. VOA

Hook up security cameras

Sadly, the two intruders who set light to the South Damen property have not yet been caught. Following the break-in, theft and subsequent fire, the pair reportedly ran away in an unknown direction and the local police and investigating the incident. However, one way to deter burglars is to hook up security cameras around your home. Studies show homes with security cameras are 300% less likely to broken into. This is because security cameras increase the risk of a criminal being caught after they’ve committed their crime as high-quality images will be released of them. Therefore, they are less likely to choose your home as a target, especially if you stick signs up outside your home stating that 24/7 video surveillance is in use.

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With a spate of home break-ins occurring in Chicago recently, homeowners are rightly worried about their safety. But by keeping a firearm in your home, using security cameras and by making your home difficult to break into, you’ll be better protected than ever before.