Video- Child Marriages Are Still Prevalent in The US

This raises a serious concern and survivor stories are the only was increase the knowledge within the public.

Child marriage rates are increasing at an alarming rate in Africa
Child marriage is a global issue, with an increasing number of cases reported from African countries. Pixabay

By Vishvi Gupta

For the longest time now, we’ve associated child marriages with under-developed or developing nations. The presence of rituals like child marriages lets us have to peek inside the social issues existing in these countries.

The turn towards the twenty-first century had hoped to bring many changes in the societal norms. While some of the social issues like poverty, gender issues are being tackled seriously, other issues are still a far cry. The news of prevalence of child marriages in The United States Of America is shocking, to say the least.

Sara Tasneem, was forced into child marriage and sent away with a man almost twice her age. She was forced to go through the traumas of child marriage while she watched her peers go to school.

Tasneem got pregnant at the age of 16. But her story is not unique in The United States. And child marriage is not unique to any one religion.

“It’s a problem because they are less likely to finish high school, 31 per cent more likely to land into poverty in adulthood.”, said an expert

This raises a serious concern and survivor stories are the only way to  increase the knowledge among the public is to make aware children of their human rights.




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