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The surge of 20 per cent price in water tariff will ,levied after the free quota of 20,000 litres

New Delhi, March 31, 2017: In the wake of controversies emerging a day after another, one can easily assume that Aam Aadmi Party is struggling to pass through its most difficult time where its deeds and policies have stationed itself at the receiving end of constant criticism and embarrassments. While the stars of AAP are showing no mood to sync in alignment, the party has dwelled deeper in the swamp of controversy with the latest accusation by the Vigilance Department.

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Facing another major embarrassment just a day after Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal ordered Rs 97 crore be recovered from AAP, the Vigilance Department today exposed several loopholes in the party’s Feedback Unit.

In a report by India today, the media giant claimed to have accessed the exclusive copy of vigilance department’s recommendation to the CBI on Feedback Unit formed by the Arvind Kejriwal government. The Vigilance Department, in its report, has highlighted that funds were misused by the unit in what it described as a ‘serious violation’ of rules.

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The AAP government’s Feedback Unit was constituted to gather the relevant information and feedback regarding the working of departments under the Delhi government.


  1. The Feedback Unit was constituted in task to gather the relevant information and feedback regarding the working of departments falling under the Delhi government.
  2. Separate posts were created for the unit. Initially, 20 posts were created for the unit against some of the positions abolished in the industry department. But later on, these posts were adjusted against 88 posts created in the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB).
  3. No permission was sought from Delhi LG for creation of new posts. There were no recruitment rules framed either.
  4. In Budget 2016-17, Rs 1 crore was assigned for this unit. Out of the allocated money, Rs 10 lakh was released and Rs 5.5 lakh reported to be spent.
  5. The last expenditure from the fund was of Rs 50,000 given to one Kailash Chand of ACB for payment of second installment of bribe on a complaint. A probe revealed that there was no such person in the ACB.
  6. The details of utilisation of Rs 5.5 lakh not available with the concerned department except Rs 50,000 mentioned above.
  7. The special unit was functioning under direct control of the CM office, the vigilance department was kept in dark about this unit’s functioning.
  8. Remuneration of feedback unit was paid on attendance sheet and staff has been recorded 100 per cent attendance during the period.

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Meanwhile, taking note of prima facie evidence of impropriety and violation of rules, the LG has ordered that the matter be referred to the CBI.

Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal on Thursday (March 30) directed concerned departments that Rs 97 crore be recovered from AAP that was allegedly “splurged” by the city government on advertisements in violation of the Supreme Court guidelines.

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Baijal also ordered an inquiry into the spending on advertisements projecting Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his party and asked the chief secretary to fix responsibility.

-prepared by Ashish Srivastava of NewsGram Twitter @PhulRetard


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