Vigilante Justice: School director lynched to death by mob in Bihar

TV footage of mob that lynched the teacher (Image courtesy BBC)

By NewsGram Staff Writer

In yet another shocking case of vigilante justice, the director of a school in the Nalanda district of the east Indian state of Bihar has been lynched to death by a mob.

The incident occured on Sunday when Devendra Prasad Sinha was kicked and beaten by sticks, after the bodies of two of his students were found in a canal.

According to a TOI report, the mob attacked Mr Sinha after the bodies of Ravi Kumar and Sagar Kumar were recovered from a canal in Mirpur village. No arrests have been made so far.

“The villagers had accused the school teachers of killing the students “in a fit of rage””, the report stated.

Meanwhile, Police said they were investigating the case, adding that there was no evidence the teachers were involved in the students’ deaths.

Even as the police assured of investigating the incident, the mob set a couple of vehicles and two classrooms on fire.

In India, such cases of the public taking the law into its own hands are not unheard of.

In March, Syed Sharif Khan, a suspected rapist was taken from prison by a mob and was stripped naked, beaten and dragged through Dimapur, Nagaland state’s main city, before being hanged.

Vehicle set on fire by mob (Image courtesy BBC)