Friday, August 14, 2020
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Visually-challenged photographers hold exhibition

New Delhi: In a bid to share what visually-challenged photographers observe, an exhibition in the national capital showcased photographs taken by the visually impaired.

Held at the British Council on Wednesday, the event was organised by Sightsavers, a development organisation that works to prevent avoidable blindness, restore sight and advocate for social inclusion and equal rights of the differently abled.

It showcased around 30 photographs — captured in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi — depicting different themes which the visually challenged participants had taken of other visually impaired participants doing a series of interesting activities.

Each picture portrayed a unique story in itself, representing different aspects of the visually-challenged experience.

“This initiative is our effort to showcase the glimpses of the life of a blind person, how they perform their daily chores, how do they use assisting technology to their advantage at the office,” said Sightsavers India CEO RN Mohanty.

In addition to the photo exhibition, Sightsavers also hosted a musical performance showcasing talented visually-impaired singers.



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