Voices of Transwomen in Malaysia – Fighting the Hate Video that instigates Violence Against Them

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By NewsGram Staff Writer

Kuala LumpurA police complaint has been lodged by the Malaysian Tamil Thirunangai Organisation against a hate video which entreats physical violence against the transgender community in Malaysia.

In response to the complaints made by a group of Indian-Malaysian transgender women, the organisation in its role as a vanguard for transgender communities lodged the complaint at the Dang Wangi police station in Kuala Lumpur.

The video had gone viral on social media earlier this week.

The video opens with several photographs of transgender women from varied ethnicities, mostly Indian, that were taken from their social media accounts.

Transgenders take drugs to ‘change’ from men to women,” says the unrecognisable man in the video, who later also raises concerns regarding the increasing population of transwomen alongside the decline in male population.

The unfathomable voice in this video urges its viewers to question, challenge and even take ‘physical action’ against the transgender community. This must be done, the voice says, to “save” Malaysia along with the Tamil community.

The second part of the video displays an audio clip extracted from a debate in India where a person is heard saying, “cow’s milk contains high level of estrogens hormone and drinking it can turn men into women.

Photo Credits: www.tubetamil.com
Photo Credits: www.tubetamil.com

The organisation’s President Suriya Ramaiah speaks on behalf of the transgender community when she says,””Immediately, the community felt fear. Fear to go out, fear to do normal things, fear to live day-to-day life, worrying what is going to happen to them next.

As per claims made by the Malaysian Tamil Thirunangai Organisation, the accent in the voice is that of an Indian ethnicity used both in Malaysia and Singapore.

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