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WATCH : Can Ostrich Fly? The offbeat story will let you think the unthinkable

The message is empowering and leaves an indelible imprint on one’s mind. How many times do we give up thinking the unfeasibility of the work?

April 04, 2017:

‘Ostrich cannot fly’ – a well-acknowledged fact vindicated by science. We all have been living by this fact for over a millennium, but what happens if someday you get to perceive the unperceived, explore the unexplored, touch the untouched? Will it not transform your consciousness?

It is common to see the brands selling their products aggressively through the way of advertisements but uncommon to see brands stepping ahead of the marketing pedagogy and creating an undying imprint on the viewer’s mind. Samsung is the one brand which thrived to dwell a sense attaining the unattainable through its ‘DO What You Can’ advertisement. The ad was exhibited at the unpacked event by Samsung where they uncovered their new iconic phones and virtual reality gear. The ad has nearly 800,000 views on YouTube since being shared on Wednesday and was applauded on social media for its stirring message.

The new ad features a determined ostrich trying to fly. An ostrich by coincidence puts on a Virtual Reality gear playing a flight simulator video.

A still from Samsung #Dowhatyoucan Commercial

Still 2nd from Samsung #Dowhatyoucan Commercial

Consequently, he is induced to fly after watching the compelling video.

Still 3rd from Samsung #Dowhatyoucan Commercial

The ostrich seeks myriad of endeavors and fails.

Still 4th from Samsung #Dowhatyoucan Commercial

Still 5th from Samsung #Dowhatyoucan Commercial

The unshakeable spirit of the bird finally bears fruit at the end of the advertisement. The day finally comes when the bird spread its wings and takes off in the clinch of azure sky and the brisk wind.

Still 6th from Samsung #Dowhatyoucan Commercial

Still from Samsung #Dowhatyoucan Commercial

At the end of the advertisement, a message displays “So you can do what can’t be done” with a hashtag –  “#DoWhatYouCan’t”.

The message is empowering and leaves an indelible imprint on one’s mind. How many times do we give up thinking about the unfeasibility of the work? Well, immeasurable times or it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we have been living within the bounds defined long ago. The advertiser through the advertisement tried to correlate the ceased spirit of ours with the flightless bird. However, through the use of visuals, the bird is shown taking off in the end. The flight further enumerates the undying spirit of the bird despite knowing his limits, the bird flew high in the sky.

WATCH: Samsung #DoWhatYouCan’t Commercial

By Naina Mishra of Newsgram, Twitter: Nainamishr94




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