‘We need to fight terror in our own way’: Shiv Sena

source: huffingtonpost

Mumbai: The Paris terror attacks which claimed the lived of at least 129 ought to serve as a wake-up call for India, who should deal with the ISIS insurgency in Kashmir with an “iron hand”, said the Shiv Sena today.

The terrorists’ talk of human rights should be ignored, according to the Sena and the terrorists should be completely rooted out.

The Shiv Sena party mouthpiece ‘Saamana’, in an editorial, said, “ISIS, which has claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks, has lately become active in Jammu and Kashmir as well. The raising of ISIS flags in Kashmir is a very serious issue. After the human slaughter in Paris, we need to deal with this issue even more seriously.”

The editorial tried to bring to focus that the fight of the Western countries against terror was vested in their own interests and that “we need to fight terror in our own way”.

It further said that it was laughable when countries like Pakistan condemned the Paris terror attacks because “the neighbouring country is a factory that makes terrorists”. Unless American and European countries faced such attacks themselves, they wouldn’t understand India’s pain, it added.

“Cracks are developing in their once impregnable security walls,” the Sena said, citing that the terrorists were not even leaving out the European nations from their target list now.

“This incident has claimed the largest number of lives after the Second World War. Europe needs to take lessons from this incident. Shun talks of human rights of terrorists and eliminate them from their roots,” the Sena added.

(Inputs from ANI)