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What Should You Know About Moving A House When Pregnant?

When moving, you need to be sure that safety should be your primary concern instead of all the other tasks

By Syed

The entire moving process is huge and the moving day is the most dreaded day of the entire process. It is your responsibility to keep yourself along with your baby safe. With the help of professional help like top moving companies you can trust and medical doctors, it becomes easy to have a smooth move. If you want to know some tips about it then check out these:  

Do the planning beforehand: 

Usually, people start planning about the moving process several weeks before. And if you are pregnant, then you will need to start your moving planning not weeks but several months before. To avoid any complications in your pregnancy, you will have to sort out everything related to different relocation activities, much before. 

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You can make a checklist and add the tasks that are to be completed, packing supplies needed, or things that are to be shifted. Also, assign the proper timeline to every task that in that time frame you have to complete these tasks. And don’t forget to discuss the details of your plan with your close one to keep the scope for improvement in the same.

Be extra cautious while moving up or down the stairs. Pixabay

Consult with your doctor:

Before participating in moving activities, such as lifting heavy stuff, you need to consult the same with your doctor. If your condition is stable and there are not many complications in your pregnancy, then your doctor can allow you to take part in the moving tasks. But you need to take care of few things, such as, for a pregnant lady, it is not advisable to lift things for more than one hour in the entire day. 

Also, keep in mind that the amount of weight that any pregnant women can carry depends upon the duration of their pregnancy like in case if the pregnancy is more than 20 weeks then pregnant women should not lift more than 13 pounds of weight and before 20 weeks, she should not lift more than 18 pounds of weight. 

Ask for extra help when shifting:

Before actual moving day, one needs to pack their entire stuff and it gets really difficult and tiresome for a pregnant lady to do entirely the packing all alone. Also, it can be harmful to the mother as well as to the child. Therefore, do not be careless and get as many helpers as you need for packing all your belongings. 

You can also hire professional and experienced packers. They will be responsible for packing your entire stuff safely and securely. If your budget does not allow hiring professional packers, then you can ask your family, friends, or relatives to help you out in the packing. 

Not just for packing, you can get the help of professionals for any moving-related tasks. Pixabay

Not just for packing, you can get the help of professionals for any moving-related tasks. Like hire the full-service professional movers who help you to do all the moving tasks and you just have to supervise the things. 

Try to minimize your stress:

Moving to another place is a very exhausting and stressful process. So, you need to give your best shot to minimize the same stress because taking stress is not good for your as well as your growing baby’s health. To free yourself from all the anxiety should be your top priority over the moving procedure. 

You can incorporate certain tips, such as getting proper sleep, reading pregnancy-friendly books, doing mild exercises or yoga, doing meditation and deep breathing, etc., to keep in check the level of stress. You can also, treat yourself by having a spa or massage to alleviate your body from various muscle and nerve tensions. Take out enough time for yourself and also don’t compromise with your sleep. 

Be extra careful:

You need to be extra careful with yourself on the actual moving day to avoid any miss-happening. Pixabay

You need to be extra careful with yourself on the actual moving day to avoid any miss-happening. Pack a moving kit that consists of all your medication, toiletries, and snacks to keep sugar level in check, clothing, phone charger, etc., that you will need immediately after shifting to the new house. 

It is seen that accidentally falling from the stairs is the most common reason for a miscarriage. And during the moving process, the chances of the same are high. Therefore, be extra cautious while moving up or down the stairs. 

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Also, try to get all renovation done before shifting to the new house to avoid the smell of chemicals. You need to be careful during the entire moving no matter in which task you are participating in. Pay attention to your safety at first before you pay attention to anything else. 


When moving, you need to be sure that safety should be your primary concern instead of all the other tasks. You should always pay attention to the child in your womb and your health. Even when you are participating in moving-related tasks make sure you take enough care of yourself. Once you have reached the destination, fully relax on the coming weekend and then start fresh.  Use the above recommendations to have a successful and smooth move without affecting your pregnancy.  

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