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Cows in India, Pixabay

Dec 9, 2016: For centuries, cows have been considered sacred by Hindus but today the animal has become an integral part of India’s culture. According to ancient Hindu scriptures, the cow is the mother of the 33 crores of deities. Even though it is such an important part of the Indian culture, many of us wonder why it is somehow missing from the currency notes of India?

Cows have found their way onto the notes of the currencies’ of many countries like Rwanda, Botswana, Burundi, Mexico, Swaziland, Somalia, Gambia to name a few.

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Recently, India has included its mission to mars called ‘Mangalyaan’ on the new Rs 2000 note released after the demonetization.

Milk is not the only product cows provide us with. A cow’s urine is a potent carcinogen, therefore it has health benefits too! But before we start exploiting the resources we have at hand like we always do. We need to protect and care for the animal as much as we respect it in our culture.

Nandi (a bull) is worshipped as the mount for Lord Shiva. Pixabay

Most people think that tethering a cow inside a cowshed is enough. But the cowsheds provide only a roof above their heads to avoid direct sunlight, but they still have to endure the weather conditions which are sometimes extreme. The ropes tying them are very short and the animals cannot even move their heads freely. The cows are separated from their calves for entire days and the isolation, that affect them mentally.

The cows are bred and raised in filthy conditions. The cows, when bathed are not cleaned properly and the water mixes with the dirt on the shed floor forming mud and becomes slurry which results in skin diseases. The cows suffer fatigue due to standing at one place for hours because of crowded shelters. Such cows along with the ones who are undernourished are then sent to slaughterhouses.

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When the milk production reduces, the owners resort to injecting them with oxytocin to squeeze out milk from the cows by contractions of the uterus.

If the cows are not being ill-treated in cowsheds they are being left to fend for themselves on streets and roads where they sometimes meet accidents and die or are severely injured. These cows in the process of feeding themselves from garbage dumps and other sources also ingest non-biodegradable waste like plastics and suffer worse fates.

Our country has the lowest dairy yield and of the worst nutrition value in the world. Therefore, we need better veterinary care for the cows by owners and more people to take care of them instead of fighting over their slaughter. These animals which represent grace and calm need to be respected by being protected.

– by Shivam Thaker of NewsGram. Twitter: @Shivam_Thaker



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In order to prevent the use of Q-tips or cotton swabs, there are professional tools in the market that claim to remove the ear wax. But not all are made of high quality, durable material and tested safe for use. Tvidler is the best and affordable ear wax removal tool that performs the same job at a fraction of cost following all the safety measures needed to eliminate dirt or ear wax.

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Prajakta Koli is India's first youth climate champion in UNDP.

Content creator and actress Prajakta Koli has become India's first UN Development Programme (UNDP) Youth Climate Champion under her partnership with the organisation.

UNDP aims to eliminate poverty, achieve sustainable growth and scale up human development in countries where it is required the most.

As a part of her responsibilities now, Prajakta will be entrusted with interacting with young minds to raise awareness around climate crisis, global warming and biodiversity loss and their impacts, the tremors of which are being felt by all sections of the society, especially the poor and marginalized communities.

Speaking on the occasion, Prajakta said in a statement: "I am extremely humbled and honoured to have been entitled with this unique responsibility to champion a cause that is close to my heart. As the very first UNDP India Youth Climate Champion, I would like to produce and participate in opportunities that propel conversations around climate action and the urgent measures we must take."

UNDP UNDP aims to eliminate poverty.Wikipedia

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