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Why You Should Live Alone Before Living With Your Significant Other, Find it out here. Pixabay

People make being single out to be this sad and miserable way to go about life when really, it’s one of the most freeing experiences one can have in their life, especially when you have your own apartment. Having your own apartment (with no roommates), while you’re single, is truly a journey of self-discovery.

Isn’t living by yourself one of the motivations for moving out of your parents’ house in the first place? Living by yourself signifies freedom. You no longer have to live by the rules of “as long as you’re living under my roof, you have to follow my rules.” You can put away worrying about coming home too late, having friends come over, or keeping your room clean… when you move in with your significant other, you’d be back to having to be mindful of these things, simply out of respect for them.

So while you’re single, take advantage of all the perks of living by yourself… it’s definitely something you don’t want to go through life without having experienced. Before you jump into sharing a living space with your significant other, make sure you experience all the luxuries of an apartment while you’re single!

Your Own Privacy

Privacy will probably be one of the hardest things to give up once you cohabitate with your significant other, so take full advantage of having your own privacy while you’re single! If you’ve had a long day at work and want to come out of your clothes as soon as you walk in the door, you can do that without any eyes being on you!

That’s not the only perk either! You can also stay in the bathroom as long as you want without someone rushing you to hurry up, or complain that you used all the hot water for showers! There’s just something about having your own space and privacy, regardless of how much you can save by splitting the rent with your significant other.

In theory, these “perks” of single life may sound insignificant, but the moment you lose these perks, you’ll wish you hadn’t taken them for granted, because when you live with someone, your privacy becomes non-existent.

There’s just something about having your own space and privacy, regardless of how much you can save by splitting the rent with your significant other. Pixabay

Can Be as Messy or as Clean as You Want

When you lived with your parents, being messy was NOT an option! If you didn’t keep your room clean or dirtied up any common areas of your parents’ house, there was definitely consequences in store for you if you left it a mess… with your own apartment, you don’t have to worry about that.

A lot of the times, we’re not sloppy humans, we just have the freedom to clean and tidy on our own time, and there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of that, especially while you’re single! Now, once you get to a point where you’re ready to move in with your significant other, you might have to get rid of those lazy tendencies for your partner, especially if they’re the type who likes to keep things clean and tidy.

Come and Go as You Please

When you get your own place, curfews go out the window, and there are no questions asked when you’ve been gone all day! The person you’re dating and living with might have a small problem with this. Every time you head towards the door to leave, they’re going to want to know where you’re going… that’s the least of your concerns when you live by yourself. I’m not saying that living with your significant other is terrible, I’m just saying that living by yourself while being single isn’t terrible either.

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Temperature is at Your Discretion

How many times have you been in a room and have been extremely hot or extremely cold? I think everyone has, but when you’re miserable like that, it can put you in a bad mood. No one is comfortable sitting in a room where you’re either freezing or burning up, so when it comes to your significant other, make sure they like the same type of temperature as you!

Again, this might sound like a minor problem with your significant other, but after living in a space where you can keep it as warm or as cool as you want, trying to please someone else’s temperature preferences can become an issue, especially when each other’s preferences are literally and figuratively, polar opposites.

You Can Be Selfish Without the Guilt

Being single and living by yourself allows you to get out all of your selfish tendencies without being guilted for it! You can cook or order takeout and eat it all by yourself without having to share with someone. We’re told in grade school, and even as toddlers, that sharing is caring, and for the most part, it is and we grasp that concept pretty well, but if you have the opportunity to have the bed to yourself, control of the television, and eat ice cream out of the carton, you’ll really appreciate your space, before sharing it with your significant other!



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