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With Horror of Disunion Looming overhead, AAP struggles to Unite itself for Upcoming MCD Elections

They are coming to terms with the reality of AAP and if the party wants to save its face, then Kejriwal should correct AAP affairs before more trouble hits the party

New Delhi, March 31, 2017: The occurrence of MCD elections is set to take place on March 23; Keeping that in the purview with the way things are moving for Aam Aadmi Party, it seems like the AAP’s biggest challenge will not be its counterparts contesting in bypolls, but the party itself. Struggling with internal disintegration, the party saw last week at least two candidates disavowing their loyalty, went hand in hand with other parties.

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On March 27, AAP MLA from Bawana, Ved Parkash, joined the BJP. Parkash even claimed that around 35 AAP legislators may desert the AAP. Parkash also said he was “disillusioned” with the functioning of Kejriwal’s party, even as he had joined it hoping for a change.

On Thursday, Seema Kaushik, vice-president, of AAP women’s wing, joined the Congress. Justifying her decision, Kaushik alleged that committed AAP members were suffering due to corruption by top leaders of the party. On the same day, another AAP MLA from Janakpuri, Rajesh Rishi, surprised many by indirectly taking a dig on AAP through a tweet. “Majhdhaar mein naiyya dole toh manjhi paar lagaye, Manjhi jo nao duboye usey kaun bachaye (If the boat rocks midstream, the rafter takes it ashore. If the rafter sinks the boat who can save it).”

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Explaining why he was dissenting against AAP, Rishi told The Indian Express, “The message is self-explanatory. Sometimes, the emperor is surrounded by sycophants but it is for the emperor to view things clearly. Our party is sinking but the MLAs go unheard. No one takes our calls. Kumar Vishwas is the only person in the party who has the gumption to stand up for the truth. I hope my message will be conveyed now.” Rishi later deleted the tweet, saying he was not quitting AAP.

Next in the row of dissents is another AAP MLA , Colonel Devinder Sehrawat who has voiced his rancor openly, alleging the Party for defaming him among his volunteers. While talking to NewsGram, Sehrawat asserted, “Party is making full attempts to malign my image in front of people. They want me to look bad just because I’m raising my voice against rising tyranny in the party. All of the power has been centralized in the hands of Kejriwal and his few sycophants who want boss around with Kripa of Kejriwal.”

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This is not the first time when voices against AAP leadership have emerged from within the party. But this time, the timing of dissent is really critical. AAP’s performance in recently concluded Punjab and Goa Assembly elections wasn’t up to the mark. The party did manage to save face in Punjab by winning 20 seats out of 117. Before the polls, the party was apparently overconfident of winning Punjab.
With allegations after allegation on the party for corruption, ticket distribution on the behest of financial favors, malfunctions in internal working, immorality, and poor governance have burst the bubble it created on the minds of people. They are coming to terms with the reality of AAP and if the party wants to save its face, then Kejriwal should correct AAP affairs before more trouble hits the party.

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The upcoming MCD elections on April 23 is going to be critical for the survival of AAP. Additionally, for the party, it will allow them to test their waters for 2019 Loksabha elections.

-prepared by Ashish Srivastava of NewsGram Twitter @PhulRetard



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