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Gear up for India's first OTT awards. IANS

Fans across the globe now have a chance to engage with OTT entertainment content and stars digitally; they can and also vote for their favorite movies, shows, and stars at India’s first-ever OTT Awards.

Filmfare and FLYX have joined hands to hold awards for which voting will take place on the FLYX app, allowing Bollywood fans across the world to be a part of the decision-making process. The voting will be held exclusively on the FLYX mobile apps, website, and Filmfare microsite.

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By opening the call for entries to the general public, FLYX Filmfare OTT Awards aims to democratize the process of recognizing talent in the OTT space. The public can vote to start November 23 to December 5, where the last two days of voting will be exclusively on the app.

Winners will be announced across 30 categories on December 19. At the awards, the coveted Black Lady will embrace and recognize the brilliance of original content created on OTT platforms that released between August 1, 2019, and July 31, 2020.

Online streaming has gained tremendously across all markets including India in the last 12 months. Flickr

Sharing his thoughts about the awards, Jitesh Pillaai, Editor of, Filmfare said: “While it’s been a year to remember, it’s also been one with many firsts for Filmfare. The start of the year saw the prestigious Filmfare Awards being held outside Mumbai for the first time in 64 years. The end of the year will mark another milestone moment for us as we celebrate the finest in the OTT industry. One can only marvel at how the OTT space has been brimming with innovative and gripping narratives, riveting characters, and new talented actors breathing life into these tales. This year, the idea of extending the legacy of Filmfare Awards to streaming platforms seeks to recognize and thank the best of content creators and artists who have given us constant entertainment even during these trying times.”

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Online streaming has gained tremendously across all markets including India in the last 12 months, with adoption accelerating in the backdrop of the current pandemic. India is estimated to top the OTT growth rate charts across all world markets over the next 5 years.

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“We at FLYX are super excited to partner with Filmfare on this exciting journey, this is a historic moment for the Indian streaming industry. Filmfare has a strong legacy and FLYX brings modern age technology to digital entertainment. FLYX is a fast-growing community of movie and shows lovers who love to share their excitement and enthusiasm with their friends and family. With Streaming wars at its peak, FLYX helps you to find the best content that you will absolutely love. With Filmfare and FLYX coming together, honor your favorite stars, movies, and shows by voting at this historic event,” said Shashank Singh, CEO & Co-founder, FLYX. (IANS)


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