Working Mothers Can Now Balance Work and Family with These Hacks

Goodbye to the days when a mother's only job was only limited to taking care of her children

working mothers
Mother holding a baby. Pixabay

Sep 02, 2017: Hello Working Mothers! Seeking the appropriate balance between work and personal life can make a tremendous difference in the quality of lifestyle you lead. Goodbye to the days when a mother’s only job was limited to taking care of her children. Women of the present age look after their kids, work, and partners too.

With the growing number of responsibilities, you probably may not be able to find enough time for yourself.

Here are some hacks for working mothers to strike a right balance between work and family time

Organize Yourself

Many working mothers are always pushed for time, so it is important to be efficient. Being organized will help you to make the most of everything and let you spend more time with friends and family.

  • Make your life easier by shopping necessary items once a week
  • Plan your meals well in advance and pack refreshments before so that you have all the ingredients ready on time. This will also limit stress level and it will be easier to eat healthy meals
  • Place a calendar on the wall and keep a hang of all important appointments such as ‘things to do’ and outstanding bills that need to be paid. Also, you can set your bills computerized. This will save time and prevent problems in case of non-payment of the bills
  • Keep all your kid’s school possessions at one place to avoid disorder. This will keep you from rummaging for school lunch boxes and school bags in the morning time. While school drop can be very nerve-racking, being organized will make it compliant and help prevent accidents at the time of driving
  • Before leaving for work, decide your clothes and lunches and pack your bags so that you only have to do breakfast

Seize your day with a ‘must have’ family time

A busy schedule and hectic life make it difficult for working mothers to spend a quality time with family, which is a necessity. One way to secure a good family time is to prioritize your needs.  Family time is not a choice; it’s a matter of priority. You must decide one day when you can have fun together. Do fun activities together like playing board games, watching movies or cooking favorite meals. Switch off your phones on that particular day to avoid distractions.

Discipline is the key

Don’t bring your work to your home. Being disciplined will let you avoid work spilling on to the family and vice versa.

  • Just before signing off from work, spare some extra minutes to switch off so that when you reach home, you appear to them in a cheerful mood. You will be able to completely concentrate on your family. This will enable you to become mindful of everything around you and capture the most of the day ahead
  • Maintain a ‘things to do list’ in your diary and set reminders of the important appointments and schedules. Refer to the list every once in a while to avoid forgetting about the important things.
  • Stay focused on your work and avoid procrastination. Do your job on time.

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Make space for your partner

Your partner may want to know whether you still love him or not.  It is important for you to duly ensure that to him and enjoy each other’s company. Plan a dinner date monthly, send him a sweet message every day. You can also cook his favorite dish to make him feel special.

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