Worshiping mother nature part of our tradition: Prime Minister Narendra Modi



By Newsgram Staff Writer

India is a country where nature is worshiped and conserving mother earth is very important, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said in the inauguration of the two-day conference of state environment and forest ministers at Vigyan Bhawan.

“We have grown up in those traditions where nature is worshiped and where conserving nature is very important,” Modi said.

Conserving nature is an important aspect of the Indian tradition. We have always believed in concepts of recycling and re-using , said the prime minister, and added that we have no right to exploit the nature.
The prime minister also said that India was one of the most sensitive countries about nature.
“Per person carbon emission in India is very less. Our mandate is to save the nature using the best of the technologies,” he said.

At present the country is battling a severe pollution crisis. The study found out that New Delhi has the dirtiest air, with an annual average of 153 micrograms of small particulates, known as PM2.5, per cubic meter.

Pushing to bring down pollution levels, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched India’s first national air quality index. Authorities have also asked 15 year old vehicles to stop running. Different measures to control air pollution have been taken by the government.