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Wrestling for livelihood: How Chandgi Ram Akhara is helping women to learn, earn and grapple


Wrestling is at the verge of its obliteration as it lacks support, both socially and economically. Especially for women, to excel in this sport is a herculean task. There are a very few places in this country where women wrestlers are encouraged.

In the hustle bustle of New Delhi, there is one such place which has preserved the game for women wrestlers since 1975. Chandgi Ram Akhara, set up by Guru Chandgi Ram, has opened the door for the women wrestlers in the country to be a part of this sport.

The akhara has served as a platform for many Indian women wrestlers like Neha Rathi (bronze medal winner at Asian games 2012) and Sonika Kaliraman (2003 silver medalist in junior Asian games). When the akhara was opened it was the first to train women wrestlers in the country. Chandgi Ram akhara is not only giving employment to women but is also helping them socially and financially by sending them to participate in different tournaments.

“This is our only source of survival. Because of poor family conditions, I started wrestling after my marriage with an aim to help my family. I believe that women in India are more powerful than foreigners and women wrestlers have bright future in India,” said Reshma.

However, Government apathy has left the akhara in shambles. The akhara gets menial amount of Rs 2000 from the government and an annual endowment from MCD for training.




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The Fiend Never Forgets, as Evident from the People he Attacks

Bray Wyatt appears on WWE

Bray Wyatt- The Fiend
Bray Wyatt aka The Fiend will appear WWE in a completely new avatar. Wikimedia Commons

We were introduced to the ominous personality, which is ‘The Fiend’ in April this year. The Fiend first appeared on WWE in pre-recorded segments of an extremely surreal children’s program, The Firefly Fun House. The show was hosted by Bray Wyatt. This was kind of a return for Bray Wyatt and he was seen in an entirely new avatar. He was seen sporting a different hairstyle, a shorter beard and with a much leaner physique. 

Of the several characters which were being played by Wyatt as a part of The Firefly Fun House was The Fiend. And The Fiend was a character that was at par with the general aura of Bray Wyatt. As we all know that the entire Wyatt Family has a thing for masks and Bray sports one even in ‘Firefly Fun House’. In one of the episodes from The Firefly Fun House, we saw Wyatt controlling and harnessing the darkness within himself by appearing in more sinister clothing and an evil-looking mask. He called this character ‘The Fiend’ who was here ‘to protect us’.

The Fiend
Of the several characters which were being played by Wyatt as a part of The Firefly Fun House was The Fiend. Wikimedia Commons

In one of the very first episodes, we saw Wyatt destroying a cardboard cutout of his old self with a chainsaw and cheerily telling viewers that all they had to do was “let [him] in”. Another episode featured Wyatt painting in order to “express his suppressed feelings”. He painted a picture of the Wyatt Family compound being burned with Sister Abigail inside. In another episode, we saw him having a picnic with unamused expressionless kids. In one of the episodes, we saw Wyatt preaching how People follow what they fear. He says, ‘Fear is Power’. 

Among the several wrestlers who have been attacked by The Fiend over the months are Daniel Bryan, Finn Bálor and Mick Foley. The Fiend also attacked the famous Kurt Angle with the infamous Mandible Claw in Angle’s own hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

After it was decided that Bray Wyatt would face the winner of the match between Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman at Clash of Champions for the Universal Championship at the upcoming Hell in a Cell event in a Hell in a Cell match, the two became The Fiend’s targets.  Wyatt threatened Rollins and Strowman at one of his episodes on The Firefly Fun House, saying he would “see you in hell”.

Fiend wrestling
Among the several wrestlers who have been attacked by The Fiend over the months are Daniel Bryan, Finn Bálor and Mick Foley. Wikimedia Commons

The Fiend then went on to attack Rollins after Rollins successfully retained the Universal Championship against Strowman. Rollins then announced that he would be defending the title against The Fiend and not Bray Wyatt, at the event in a Hell in a Cell match.

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“The Fiend” had Seth Rollins as his most recent victim. But now that that feud has been concluded with The Fiend winning the Universal Championship and bringing the belt to WWE SmackDown for the very first time, people have started to speculate a new one with yet another member of The Shield. And this time it’s going to be none other than Roman ‘The Big Dog’ Reigns. This might be because Reigns deserves his redemption rematch for the WWE Universal Championship, the same one which he had to relinquish last year due to bad health.