Young Girls in Africa Undergo Breast Ironing to Curtail Rape and Male Gaze

The girls in Africa have to go through unbearable pain during the process of ‘breast ironing’, the purpose of which they are unaware at the delicate age

Young girls in Africa undergo Breast Ironing to curtail rape and male gaze
Psychosocial workers help rape survivors. Wikimedia Commons

August 08, 2017: How brave is the world we live in – Just Imagine! They have come up with a solution to battle with increasing rapes – “Breast Ironing“, undoubtedly the most sickening thing ever. We always cry and shout that “RAPE” should be stopped. How does one ask for it? By changing minds, by treating women as equal counterparts, and by not misusing them in illicit activities. Nevertheless, in Africa, mothers are doing breast ironing of their daughter to save them from rape and to curtail salacious activities. Women are suffering either this way or that way. In Africa, people find it right because it will save young girls from sexual harassment and the male gaze.

What is ‘Breast Ironing’? 

It is a method of crushing and flattening young girl’s developing chest. The girls have to go through unbearable pain during the process of ‘breast ironing’, the purpose of which they are unaware at the delicate age. The rationale being- people will not look at their childish appearance and there will be no point of premarital pregnancy, rape attempts, and other licentious activities etc. In the process of crushing their chest, large stones and a hammer is been heated over the hot coals and is used to compress the breast tissue, so that women will look younger than her age

What’s more heart wrenching is that their mothers think it’s the only right thing to do. “Breast ironing is a well-kept secret between the young girl and her mother. Often the father remains completely unaware. The girl believes that what her mother is doing is for her own good and she keeps silent. This silence perpetuates the phenomenon and all of its consequences”, mentioned in TOPYAPS.

This practice is condemned in many parts of the world, however, fortunately, a year ago many people cornered and whined about this practice. It is truly disturbing to feel that something like will spare ladies from assault. Breast ironing is unquestionably painful and it also causes problems like cancer, itching, breast infections, discharge of milk, and tissue damage.

This method is so painful that women have started to feel disgusted and they refuse to touch their breasts. Women in Africa also hate their bodies, which is even more depressing.

Presently, steps are being taken to stop this heinous practice. They’ve been shown that breasts are made by God and they are not filthy. They are a piece of the human body, and ought to be acknowledged. The men should control their thirst and should keep out of mischief.

There are numerous associations that are progressing to spread awareness concerning the matter. A London-based charity Women’s and Girl’s Development Organization and the Association of Aunties are spreading awareness.

The practice ought to be ceased on the grounds that it’s not sparing lives, but rather it is harming ladies’ body to an ever increasing extent.


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