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It will not only protect soldiers posted on the icy heights from the cold, but will also allow them to monitor enemy movement.

By Vivek Tripathi

A smart camp for soldiers has been developed by an inventor at the Atal Community Innovation Centre (ACIC) of the MIET Engineering College in Meerut, which will not only protect soldiers posted on the icy heights from the cold, but will also allow them to monitor enemy movement from up to 50 kilometres away.

This Chargeable Smart Army Camp was created by engineering student Shyam Chaurasia and has miniature heating plates.

Surprisingly, there is no need for solar power or electricity to heat them; instead, the troops may use a physical rotational charger to charge the heater plates with their own hands.

Similarly, the hi-tech sensors installed in it will detect enemy movement from 50 kilometres away and will inform soldiers in the camp, allowing them to respond quickly.

The smart camp features four human radio sensors that will assist the soldiers in relaying information about the oncoming enemy. These sensors, which look like land mines and are connected to the camp through radio frequency, are placed throughout the camp.

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According to Chaurasia, enemies have assaulted the CRPF camps several times at night. In such attacks, there is always the danger of additional harm to life and property. "I got the notion after reading about such instances in the press."

With the cooperation of the college and the ACIC, Meerut, a prototype project for the camp was created.

According to Chaurasia, the ACIC-MIET Meerut provided cash to help plan the camp. This improved the project considerably more. A total of Rs 24,000 was spent on the project.


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