11% of all murders were committed using guns, 85% of them were unlicensed guns: NCRB

By NewsGram Staff-Writer

bullet-gun-blood-murderNew Delhi: The recent crime data for the year 2014 released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) notes that around 11% of all murders in India are committed using firearms. It further states that 85% of those firearm used murders have been committed using unlicensed guns, according to Times of India report.

Around 33,000 murders were committed across India in 2014, out of which around 3,600 murders were done using guns. Of these 3,600 murders, 3,100 were committed using unlicensed guns.

In 2012, number of murders using unlicensed guns stood at 3,500 which got reduced to 3,300 and 3,100 in two subsequent years.

Uttar Pradesh and Bihar together constitute around 67% of all murders by unlicensed guns. Haryana stands third with 178 murders committed using unlicensed guns. In Delhi, 70 out of 76 murders using guns were committed using unlicensed guns.

The use of unlicensed guns has seen fluctuations over last two decades. Between 1999 and 2009, there was a decline from 8,500 to 2700 in the use of unlicensed guns for murders. The usage rose between 2009 till 2012, after which the usage of unlicensed guns in murders have reduced.