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Band Coldplay, Wikimedia

London, Dec 13,2016: BBC Music awards was dominated by Singer Adele who won both the fan-voted album of the year trophy for 25 and the song of the year honor for “Hello,” while Coldplay and The 1975 fared well too.

Billboard reported, that although the 28-year-old singer did not attend the award ceremony, she sent her warm words to thank her fans.

Adele won some of the prestigious BBC Music awards this year, Wikimedia

Singer Robbie Williams read a note written by her in the award ceremony, which said “Thank you for this award, I feel a bit bad winning it when the albums been out for so long.”

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“Hello again, I m so sorry I m not there. Ill be home soon and I cant wait. Its been a long year on the road and this makes me feel a little homesick- I cant wait for Wembley and then to get back to normal,” she said in another message.

Rock and Coldplay were honoured with Coveted British Artist of the Year award. The group, which consists of Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion, was also not present to accept the award, mentioned PTI.

To make up for their presence they made a video message saying “We just got told about winning this beautiful BBC Artist of the Year award. Sorry were not there, we are about to go on stage in Australia.”

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“Look at all those people and we love you and we are so grateful and well see you so soon. Thank you so much and goodbye.”

British singer-songwriter Izzy Bizu received BBCs Introducing Artist of the Year award.

The BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Performance of the Year was given to The 1975 for their orchestrated cover of One Directions “What Makes You Beautiful.”

The lead singer Matty Healy said “I want to thank Radio 1 for everything basically. Theyve been intrinsic in our success with the Live Lounge.”

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