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Mahadeshwara Temple. Wikimedia

October 6, 2016: An incident frightened people when a 40-year-old man was found murdered inside the famous temple Mahadeshwara on Tuesday night.

The temple us is 150 km from Mysuru and 210 km from Bengaluru. This ancient holy place is located in South Karnataka.

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According to local police, “a victim named Raju Gowda was a local resident of Davangere. He was living in the city for the past two months. He is suspected to have been killed with a machete.”

Police also confirmed that “temple was under CCTV camera surveillance but suspects had also stolen the DVR (Digital video recorder),” mentioned The Hindu.

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Police have not yet discovered the reason for the murder. A case has already been registered and police have started their investigation.

– prepared by Aakash Mandyal of NewsGram. Twitter: @Aakashsen6


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