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7 Signs You Might Be Suffering From PTSD

Complex PSTD includes emotional neglect, embarrassment, bullying, broken attachment, abuse, and frustration


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a syndrome that was first identified in 1980 to describe exposure to a relatively brief but devastating event, typically a war, an accident, or a terrorist incident. On the other hand, Complex PTSD was identified in 1994 and refers to exposure to something similarly traumatic over a long period of time, usually the first 15 years of life. Complex PSTD includes emotional neglect, embarrassment, bullying, broken attachment, abuse, and frustration. Many of us, up to 20%, are living in the world as undiagnosed sufferers of complex PTSD.

We recognize that things aren’t right, but we don’t have a term for the captured problem. We don’t link the dots between our illnesses, and we have no idea where to turn for help or what kind of treatment to undertake. So, here are seven of the most common symptoms of complex PTSD. We should consider which ones apply to us, and if there are more than four, it’s a sign to be aware of.

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  • A sense that nothing is safe- We have a feeling that something bad is going to happen, no matter where we are. We’re in a constant state of alertness. A sudden fall from grace is often associated with the disaster we anticipate. The feeling that we’ll be removed from our current situation and humiliated, possibly imprisoned, and refused access to something constructive. We won’t necessarily be killed, but our lives will be over for the most part.
  •  We will never unwind- We are permanently tense or rigid and we have trouble with being touched, perhaps in particular areas of the body. The idea of doing yoga or meditation is just not appealing to us. Probably, our bowels are causing us problems as well. Our anxiety is inextricably linked to our digestive system.
  • We can’t ever really sleep and wake up very early- We are in a state of high alarm as though during rest we have let down our guard and are now in even greater danger than usual.

We have a feeling that something bad is going to happen, no matter where we are. Pixabay

  • We have a deplorable self-image deep inside us- We simply despise ourselves. We have low self-esteem and believe that we are the worst person on the planet. Our sexuality is particularly troubled and we also experience feelings of predation and guilt from time to time.
  • We are also often drawn to highly unavailable people- We tell ourselves that we despise people who are too needy, but what we really despise are people who are overly available to us. We go straight for people who are disengaged and don’t want our warmth.
  • We have a bad habit of losing our cool- We are prone to losing our temper very badly. Sometimes with other people and more often just with ourselves. We are screaming because we are terrified and end up looking mean and defenseless.

We are prone to losing our temper very badly. Pixabay

  • We are highly paranoid- We simply anticipate that others will be aggressive against us and will seek out ways to humiliate and crush us. We can be mesmerized by examples of this occurring on social media, the cruelest place in which someone with complex PTSD can easily confuse with the rest of the world, owing to the fact that it functions similarly to their own random and unkind world.

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We should stop being courageous and encourage ourselves to feel compassion for who we are if we experience any of these symptoms. Given how hard we are on ourselves, this can not be straightforward. The lack of love is the root cause of complex PTSD, and the solution is to love someone we wrongly despise, i.e ourselves.



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